Michael John Mendoza Successful Entrepreneur With A Long List Of Clients In The Music Industry Is A Staple In The Digital World – Launches Newest Brand ” Hustle With God

He decided to drop out of St Johnʼs University to pursuit entrepreneurship. Graphic
design soon became his passion & drive. Mendoza’s beginnings go back to 1995 when he first discovered Adobe Photoshop, he invested most of his time to the software and quickly started creating unique and exclusive designs.

Soon with interest and hard work he reached the professional level this industry And the list of clients never stopped growing. He has extensive experience in the offset and digital print world. At a point, he had 5 locations servicing NY and the entire tristate
area. This was in 2007 when printing was still in very high demand. With the going
time, the media expanded and the work method and techniques changed. Social
media outlets like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram eventually took the old fashion print world off track. To make his work count in the media world he had to reorganize and bring necessary changes in his work method and technology. This is the age of modernization where people prefer digital media over physical print
so his main focus became to combine all his design experience and go fully digital.

Now he has excelled and surpassed all expectations in the field of design & print. His company Art Smart Group is based out of NYC with a warehouse facility with print on demand equipment servicing his great boutique style clientele. He
believes excellence leads to success so delivering it in his work is always a priority.

The smallest job from being designing a logo to making commercials for brands and films for clients overseas. His goal is to make any brand he works with, look as good as possible so it can bloom in any market. He always believes that a helping hand should be offered to the needy in whatever means so philanthropy is the motto of his life.

He wants the youth to grow with the passing time. He will try to assist them in whatever means so they can have an opportunity in life. They are the future of this world so that’s where you have to start if you plan on changing the world for the better. His new brand “Hustle with God “ will focus on this and much more. He plans to donate a large part of the proceeds to children in need all around the world. Today he owns a few different businesses but none of them is are as important to him as “ Hustle With God “ his plan & goals remain the same of one day building a school of Design for kids to attend. It is his mission to give the future that opportunity.