MILA Unveils Smart Air Purifier That Makes Maintaining your home’s Air Quality as Intuitive as Setting your Thermostat

Mila solves a fundamental problem with all air purifiers –
nobody knows if they’re actually working. 

Mila, a San Francisco based startup, today announces the launch of its smart air purifier on Tuesday, November 12.

At a time when air pollution has emerged as the world’s single largest environmental health risk, Mila solves the fundamental problem found in air purifiers – nobody knows if they’re actually working.

“With Mila, we wanted to empower every family to know and do more about the air they’re breathing,” said Grant Prigge, co-founder and CEO of Mila. “We live in a world where more than 9 in 10 children around the world are exposed to air that puts their health at risk — yet we know less about what’s in our air than in our morning bagels.  We set out to change this.”

Mila has reimagined the air purifier as an essential, affordable device for today’s home, and makes maintaining clean and healthy air as simple and informative as setting your thermostat. Mila starts at $199 and is available for international shipping through its Kickstarter campaign.

Mila introduces a series of industry firsts including:

  • The first air purifier to show you a “time to clean” to achieve your target air quality.
  • The first purifier to detect room presence. Mila knows to quiet down when you enter the room and kick into high gear to deep clean when you’re gone.
  • The first purifier that learns the size of each room, ensuring you get the same level of performance whether Mila is placed in a 400sq ft living room or 150 sq ft bedroom.
  • The first purifier with personalized filters (e.g., addressing allergies, pet odors, home renovation, urban smog).
  • The first purifier with an aerospace-grade control system built around the underlying physics of air filtration.
  • The first purifier to include a life-saving carbon monoxide sensor. Accidental CO poisoning sends over 20,000 individuals to the ER each year in the US alone.
  • The first purifier to warn you if you’re at risk of mold growth.
  • Mila tracks you outdoor air quality, and monitors how protected your home is.
  • Mila comes with a full color display and a smartphone app that enables real-time monitoring and control.

Despite its small size (12″ x 12″ x 14″), Mila boasts a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 411 m3/hr, twice the performance of leading purifiers at half the price. Its patent-pending dual-flow filter includes 45 sqft of HEPA, the gold standard for ultrafine particle filtration, and the option to add up to one pound of granular activated carbon for gas-phase filtration of household odors and harmful VOCs.

Originally beta tested in China and backed by Electrolux, Europe’s leading home appliance company, Mila has spent the last couple of years perfecting its latest debut. To learn more and back Mila on Kickstarter, please visit:

About Mila

As three dads living in Shanghai, we came face to face with the effects of poor air quality. We wanted (and needed) clean air for our kids but saw major flaws in the air purifiers that dominated the market. So we set out to build the first air purifier worth owning. We named it after one of our own daughters to remind us not only of our commitment to our own families, but to families around the world.

Her name is Mila and she’s the smartest, most thoughtful air purifier ever made. Get to know her at: