Mindstir Media Has Been Providing the Best Book Publicity and Book Promotion Services to Authors for Over a Decade

Mindstir Media, the award-winning self-publishing company has been in the news for providing the best book publicity and book promotion services to different authors for over a decade. The book publicity firm has the best book publicists and book promoters, who have launched numerous bestsellers and award-winners in different genres.

The popular book publicity firm has been providing all its book publicity and book promotion services at affordable prices with the help of its three-month marketing campaign. A lot of new authors have benefitted from the best book publicity services from MindStir Media. It promotes different genres of books with the aid of aggressive online marketing on various media channels.

J.J. Hebert is the leader of the book publicity team and the eight-time award-winning author of four #1 Amazon Best Sellers. The team of Mindstir Media doesn’t charge a high amount of money whereas all the traditional book PR agencies take tens of thousands of dollars to offer a book publicity service campaign. Mindstir Media offers excellent results to its clients at a reasonable price.

J.J. Hebert’s personal book PR & marketing plan helps authors to gain exposure and increase sales. Under marketing, several things are included to ensure strong publicity for authors on different media channels. Author website design & development, social media management and promo for 3 months, Amazon customer reviews, 3 editorial reviews, virtual book tour, book trailer, and display of books on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, are the steps that are included in a 3-month publicity campaign.

Mindstir Media’s 3-month publicity campaign is $7000 (one time fee) and it ensures guaranteed media placements on CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX websites. In addition to this, it gives a guarantee for online interviews and other media marketing. Whereas other book publicists in NYC charge more than $5000 on a monthly basis and they don’t offer any guarantee for their marketing campaigns.