Model Bridget Malcolm Reveals she was Fired for Gaining Half an Inch

Bridget Malcolm, one among the models of Victoria’s Secret, expressed what intense pressure she had faced once in the industry. This Australian model aged 27 is currently recovering from severe anorexia. In one of her recent posts on social media, she revealed that fashion business does not always support healthy lifestyles for women.

She posted two pictures of herself on Instagram earlier last week. One was of the height of her eating disorder and the other showcasing her current healthier self. The caption of the snaps described the harsh treatment she had received from clients. Due to which she suffered from anorexia. She also mentioned that she was fired by a high profile client for adding only half an inch to her waist. But, she did not specify who the client was.

In the post she wrote – “This was me just a few weeks after when I got rejected from a high profile client and now Strong and Happy.”

In spite of the hardships in the past, Malcolm is still very positive about the future of the modeling industry. She expressed confidence about her current body image and further wrote that – “She feels grateful to have a place in the industry even now with her healthy weight and is proud to be working today with people who support health in women.”

There was an additional blog post by Bridget Malcolm where she elaborated about her journey toward a healthier modeling life. She expressed her happiness about freely eating anything and everything that too whenever she wanted to eat it. Irrespective of this her image in the mirror doesn’t change dramatically.”

In the blog post Malcolm also discussed her struggle to maintain a hip size of 35 inches or under. She also mentioned that she has promised to herself that she would return to modeling work only if she was free to keep a healthy lifestyle.