Mother Earth is Landscape Photographer Marlon Holden’s Ultimate Muse

Acclaimed photographer Marlon Holden grew up in spectacular settings. Born in Hilo, Hawaii, in 1978, this adventurer has never been one to lounge around. From a young age, he was a world traveler, sailing around the world with his family and absorbing his father’s free spirit.

Holden’s father was a musician, artist, and game angler. He was also a rebel against the conventions of society who sailed his family around the world. This extraordinary journey lasted seven years. During this time, Marlon Holden got an education that those traditional students could only dream of. His classroom was a fifty-eight-foot sailboat, and his school was the world itself. His teacher was Mother Nature.

While sailing the seas, Holden learned celestial navigation as he indulged in his passion for art and nature. The family explored remote and little-known islands, fueling young Holden’s search for the roads less traveled and shaping him as an artist and outdoorsman. He credits these experiences with teaching him how to overcome adversity, especially as he grew up and began to feel isolated in this life abroad.

With the guidance of his musician father and artist mother, Holden overcame the challenges of being an adolescent at sea. He did this through a camera lens, seeking to share with others the awe-inspiring sights he had been fortunate enough to see. His goal was to explore the beauty of nature through an artistic medium.

Marlon Holden’s passion did not dull with time but grew even stronger. He has even stated that he is more in love with exploring the world now than ever. This, combined with an intuitive entrepreneurial streak, has led to Holden becoming one of the most lauded photographers of his age. With a stunning fine art gallery in the (very appropriate) city of Laguna Beach, CA, Holden has built an enviable brand and has clients from around the globe.

Holden takes pride in creating a forward-thinking culture in his business while delivering transparency to employees and clients. Yet above all, he is in a position to fulfill his vision of preserving the natural world for the future and present generations. As he believes in the healing powers of Mother Earth, Marlon Holden understands that we must, in turn, take equal care of this irreplaceable Earth.

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