Mr Bernavil: A Haitian Musician

Music is the soul can be heard by the universe. Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in,they still know good music whenthey hear it.

Thomas Bernavil was marked for greatness at birth. Known as Mr Bernavil in the entertainment industry, he is known for his abilities as a musician, rapper, actor, comedian, terpsichorean, choreographer, DJ, host, and writer. A young entrepreneur whose family stems from the beautiful island of Haiti has determined to lift up his native land by helping Haitian entertainers cross over to the mainstream industry.

Mr Bernavil has participated in many student events to help raise money and promote Haitian Culture and has also taken part in various charity benefit shows for many social issues. He has also taken part in various charity benefit shows for many social issues such as: HIV/AIDS and drug awareness. Mr Bernavil has performed in some of the biggest Haitian and Jamaican shows such as The King of the Dancehall; The Compas Festival in Miami, and many more.

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Mr Bernavil had the privileged to write a song “Earthquake 7.0,” a spin off of “We are the World” in tribute to the many that suffered through the tragic earthquake. Many celebrity artists performed including the recent President of Haiti.