Music Artist FNG ISH Releases the Official Video of His Rap Single, Push It

Ishmael Herod, aka FNG ISH, is a rising music artist and rapper, who is making his own presence in this industry. Recently, on October 18, the artist released the official video of his hit single, Push It, which has become an instant hit among his fans.

Born and brought up in Arlington, Texas, the artist moved to Columbus, Georgia at the age of 14. He was interested in rapping since a very young age. And by the time he turned 16, he started taking this field seriously and began working towards making a career as a rapper.

The first single by FNG ISH came in 2019, after which he did several rock shows all over Georgia as well as many other places like Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

Due to his active and energetic presence on the stage as well as in events, he even got the name “Rockstar”. Currently, he is an independent artist, who had turned down major brands like Sony, Atlantic and Interscope just because he didn’t want to run behind any greed. FNG ISH is proud of holding his roots and wants to become famous by his own talent.

Recently, the artist dropped a new album, F.A.M.E, and his hit single, Push It. And within a week of release, the video received more than 30K likes. Due to this, his Instagram popularity also sore, winning him around 16K more followers in just a week.

His fans are majorly crazy for his music and wordplay. FNG ISH has worked a lot in making his songs resonate with the audience. And that can clearly be seen in his latest singles and the love they are receiving.

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