Musical Artist CEO SLOW is Growing by Leaps and Bounds

Success depends on many factors. From hard work, perseverance, skills to vision, support etc. Great artists like Snoop Dogg understand this. That is why whenever possible they lend support to other artists to help them find footing in a new world. Snoop Dogg has helped many musicians, rappers, artists to find a strong foothold in the music industry. But do you know he supports other talents too including new clothing brands?

Haitian American Musical artist Ceo Slow is also known by the name of his clothing label, Slowbucks. The musical artist is now also a fashion designer signed up with Mark Ecko. His clothing label had many offers from huge clothing companies but he decided to go with Mark Ecko.

CEO SLOW’s clothes are loved by celebrities and major musicians like Snoop Dogg and Waka Flocka, Meek mill, lil uzi vert, MiG Arogan, Pop Smoke, Killa Vuitton and others. When Snoop Dogg wears something people take notice of it and the same has happened in the case of Slow Bucks. The chic clothes have been worn by famous artists reaching more people and gaining recognition.

CEO SLOW has explored his fashion sense to develop a brand that is being loved by famous artists and big clothing companies. Now he is looking to go big with the clothing brand as well as his music studio. He is working to develop each simultaneously.

On the personal front his relationship with Shia Douglas who is the younger sister of Ashanti is going strong. The couple got engaged in December 2016. Today Ceo Slow is working with a vision to create a transcendent experience for his listeners. You should definitely lend an ear to the great compositions produced by him.