Nathan Menard is Your Winning Lottery Ticket

From the depths of Spotify where all of the independent artists hang out, you will find your CEO of White Boy R&B and love songs, Nathan Menard, to add to your date night shuffle. Get a dance in and a couple of smooches with this attentive, feel good artist that gives your dates a little more romance. While Nathan has his way around some fun love songs, he also wrote a few songs on some heavy topics but in a fun and catchy way like with his newest single, Lottery

The fateful story of Lottery Ticket is very true and angsty in the most respectful way where Nathan picks some fun at himself and the situation. It begins at his workplace. After hitting it off with a girl he met, she began to keep coming back to see him. They exchanged numbers and Nathan had been too busy to text her so she came back into his work five days later and asked why. She said “you owe me a great date now” and he said, “deal.” 

The date had been planned as a bit of a sneaky romantic gesture. Nathan told his date to dress nice because he was going out to a nice dinner, but he said to meet at his place so they can carpool together. “What I didn’t tell her is that I was going to surprise her with a homemade dinner on the roof of my place watching the sunset and I prepared for all of that. I set up a super fun date. Then, five minutes before she was supposed to be there she texted me and said “I’m actually not interested”,” he said. “So I got stood up and I sat alone and at the dank dinner I made on my roof and I wrote the song Lottery,” he said laughing.

The lyrics are about the bigger picture of feeling overlooked in his life. “This girl could have had the best first date of her life but stood me up so it’s like she ‘had a winning lottery ticket that she didn’t scratch’. I also make music that gets no listeners which makes me feel like a ‘winning lottery ticket waiting to be scratched’,” he says with a smile.

Nathan’s music is one of a kind and has been his creative outlet despite not having that many followers or listeners on Spotify. Nathan knows that this is his purpose and something that is leading him to do and be better. Some of his songs have been used in weddings as first dances and even the bridal procession. The love captured in Nathan’s songs are obvious and quite nice to listen to even when you’re not on a date. 

It’s the little things in life that make it worth living and having love and the expression of it that is something we can sometimes take for granted. Even on bad dates and good ones, the connection between us and other people can be the driving force for inspiration, self-expression, and creativity. This allows us to tell a story that many others can relate to on a number of levels and compare our wounds and scars that represent the memories of what we endeavoured on throughout our lives to connect and gain the love and acceptance that we desire and try to earn.

Nathan Menard is an independent R&B artist based out of Southern California with a heart for music and making good love songs. Offering a fun loving aspect to his music and social media is what makes him different. You can find him on Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.