Natural Light for a Better Office: Ritec’s Clearshield Keeps Glass Clearer and Healthier for Longer

We often experience feelings of agitation, annoyance, or frustration in our modern office spaces. Unfortunately, attempts to alleviate these feelings by taking a stroll, having a snack, or altering the office space do not always do enough to make us feel better. Quality, natural lighting, however, may offer a solution. Natural light is a vital component of our well-being that directly impacts our mood and productivity. Exposure to light from the sun has proven to have significant effects on our mental and physical health, and research indicates that it can go a long way in increasing morale at work.

Natural light helps to regulate our circadian rhythms, the internal body clocks that help us stay awake during the day and sleep at night. Proper exposure can help us stay alert and awake during the day, boosting our mood and energy levels. This is particularly critical for people who work in offices or other indoor environments. Proper lighting has also proved helpful in reducing stress and anxiety levels, which in turn improves workplace morale. Exposure to natural light triggers the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and sleep. This can improve our overall mood and reduce the frustration we subconsciously feel from sitting inside for long hours.

In addition to these benefits, natural light also has a positive impact on our cognitive function and productivity. Studies have shown that people who work in environments with natural light tend to be more productive and demonstrate better cognitive function than those who work in darker or artificially lit spaces. Even if an office has adequate access to windows, one should ask — are they clear and transparent enough to allow sufficient light to enter?

Ritec has long been an industry leader in glass maintenance and protection. The company provides a range of unmatched solutions to meet all of your glass needs. Ritec’s Clearshield is a single solution that rejuvenates and protects glass, reducing maintenance costs in the process. Clearshield creates a protective layer that bonds with glass surfaces, which can last for decades with proper application and maintenance. It keeps the glass clear and more robust, regardless of the weather conditions in which it exists.

The importance of natural light for mental health cannot be overstated, and employers and building managers can improve the well-being and morale of their employees or residents with Ritec’s Clearshield solution. 

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