News Flash: The Entertainment Industry Just Got Even More Toxxxic

Many people aspire to be, but how many people actually become their aspirations. While on a path to everlasting greatness and success, many tend to get lead astray or even fall off of the path. Very few have the courage, the patience, the know how or the will to keep on that path until success is met. It takes a special kind of determination and inner glow to keep on that path, especially when not knowing what’s fully ahead of you. With that said here’s your introduction to the embodiment of strong will.

Darryl Sims. You may know him as the new face of lyricism “Toxxx”, but to every new beginning is most likely a past of destruction. Known for his troubled past, Toxxx overcame adversity and despair to become the legend of tomorrow he is today. After years of in and outs of the juvenile and criminal justice system, Toxxx finally decided to utilize his gift of gab and pursue a career in the music industry. His hard work ethic, relentless drive and extraordinary lyrical abilities garnered him countless publicity and notoriety. He’s now a charting artist and surely becoming a fan favorite due to his unique and unorthodox style of delivery. Toxxx has also gained the notice of some of Hip –Hops top DJs, artists and influencers, such as DJ Culture and DJ Clue of Desert Storm Radio, where you can currently catch Toxxx’s music in rotation. Songs such as “Ol Skool”, “Views” and “Side Bitch” are just a few that come to mind when you think of Toxxx and how he has amassed his following. It only takes one listen to get hooked with how amazingly Toxxx paints vivid imagery with his words, but listen closely, because every word is worth the same attention you’d give to a book that you’re reading.

Toxxx has an eye for creativity and likes to look at things from a different view, a different “Perspective”. He always finds himself thinking outside of the box and looking to do what hasn’t been done before. He shows this in his music and in all aspects where he can let his creativity flourish. From music to modeling, to acting and running his business, while building and managing his multiple brands, Toxxx isn’t just the average here today, gone tomorrow artist. He’s hands on, here to stay and most definitely a boss of his own stature.

“Let’s talk business.” As Toxxx loves to say. He prides himself on his vast business knowledge and dealings. So much so, that he started his own brand and business called ToxxxicView. ToxxxicView is not just your ordinary mock up company trying to promote an artist. It’s a company that “Markets Creation”. They help all artists and creatives alike build ideas from the ground up, and they even help broaden the horizons of existing ideas. Whatever the creative needs one may have, ToxxxicView is the company to go to.

From new talks of a fashion line that’ll change your “Perspective”on clothing, to new music and business endeavors, ToxxxicView is here to show you why “It’s Only A Movie”. Tune-In to Toxxx and ToxxxicView on all of their platforms and get ready for some Toxxxic entertainment.