Ni’anah is Passionately Pursuing her Dreams of Becoming a Successful Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Ni’anah is a Haitian beauty with a brain who is making her name as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She runs her online boutique, Ape District, where she sells different stylish items namely sportswear, work out gear, and accessories. 

She has been actively selling these items for around a decade. Ni’anah was born on 5th February 1999 in Miami, the United States of America. Passionate about fashion since her beginning years in life, she started pursuing fashion designing with passion. 

In order to extend her entrepreneurial efforts, Ni’anah is making smart use of technology. She is using social media to grow her influence across the world. Besides, she is a hard working woman full of life with a beautiful body. 

Ni’anah is just 22-year-old and she has maintained herself well. She is 5’10’’ with a weight of 155 lbs. An attractive woman with body measurements 32-24-27 has light brown hair and dark brown hair. 

Ni’anah’s net worth stood at $1.5 million till 2020 and it includes her assets, money and income. She has earned a lot of fortune by being a successful fashion designer and social media sensation. 

Yet, she never shows off and only believes in leading a modest life. Ni’anah is establishing herself as a brand by following her unique path in life. The woman entrepreneur is leaving a strong impression on her followers. 

The speed at which Ni’anah is growing in her entrepreneurial journey hints many good fortunes for her in the future. She is inspiring women to think out of the box and pursue what they really love to do to live a fruitful life.