Nick Deflorio On How To Build Wealth Through Trading And Living A Lifestyle Through Compounding Growth.

He would like to be perceived as an expert in beginner trading education who inspires every individual to gain financial freedom.

Who would have thought that there is money in the trading industry? Nick Deflorio is a living example as he transitioned himself from being a real estate agent to an expert trader. He may have earned good money as a real estate agent yet something is missing that made him unsatisfied. A guy in his office who worked the same job as him was making extra money on the side trading the financial markets. It made him realize that the online world is one of the best platforms to earn money. He quit his job as a real estate agent and gained more knowledge in online trading. He became successful and able to achieve flexibility and financial freedom. 

Nick Deflorio now runs the largest and fastest-growing beginner trading education company in the world. He built Onyx Forex Review where the company’s number focus is customer success. As he managed the company, just last year over $250,000 in profits through the global pandemic and helped over 400 students break free from their solo incomes and create a lucrative $500-$1,000 a day income just by clicking a few buttons on their phone. Nick believes that his company provides training and education that no other company out there focuses on a target market as they do. Making trading know vastly and have it accessible for everyday people to make an easy $1,000 per day is one of their goals. 

Onyx Forex Review focuses on a beginner-friendly but extremely profitable strategy called the compounding growth strategy. Every beginner is allowed to start with a small capital and turn into a profitable 6 figure business within 12 months. Nick Deflorio believes that this is doable and everyone can do this. They must learn the strategy which his company offers. This is a strategy that only requires a short amount of time to analyze the markets using their phone or laptop. He also added that trading has no overheads, it has low start-up costs, it can be done anywhere for as long as you have internet, easy to learn but difficult to master if you don’t have guidance, and most of all education is the key.

Nick Deflorio’s best advice to his ideal client who wants to improve their lives and become successful like him. You need a technical analysis strategy, this is how you will find trades daily, not just any trades, but extremely profitable ones. Risk management is one thing, you need to understand how to manage risk so you won’t lose money but rather increase your account balance. Risk to reward is another formula wherein you need to make sure that our strategy is actually profitable and we are always looking to profit at least 3x more than we risk, meaning if we are risking $100 on one trade, we would be looking to make a profit of $300. Next, is a plan and an execution strategy. The theory is one thing, but having a plan to execute is the key in trading. And lastly, community and support, trading can be lonely and sometimes boring, you need to be surrounded by like-minded individuals just like you who share the same goals of financial freedom and would want to get this right.