Nissan workers braced for job cuts

Nissan workers braced for job cuts

All the Nissan workers across the globe are prepared for the firm to announce several job cuts in an effort to boost its image as well as its financers following the recent troubles.

As per media reports, the Japanese car giant will be announcing over ten thousand job cuts on Thursday in the midst of weakening sales.

In the United Kingdom, the union sources hope that these job losses wouldn’t affect the workers working at the firm’s Sunderland plant.

It is also expected that Nissan would announce around 90 percent drop in its profits for this year’s first quarter, which would showcases one of the car manufacturer’s worst ever quarterly performances in 10 years.

As per a report by Reuters, the job cuts would most likely be implemented over following years, which includes the 4,800 cuts announced already in May.

Nissan is keeping control on its operations post several years of extensive expansion under the firm’s ousted ex-chairman, Carlos Ghosn.

The firm is trying to enhance its weak performance in its major market United States, post years of offering discounts to shore up its sales.

The regions which would be affected with the job cuts include Brazil and India, where Nissan has factories.

Nissan has declined to comment on the matter.