Nordstrom x Nike uses Young Entrepreneurs Logo

Nordstrom x Nike brand has come into the news for its controversial brand logo. It has been observed that NTAA, a global brand corporation, has accused Nordstrom x Nike for copying its logo. According to NTAA, they have been operating since 2015 and they first registered their logo under the trademark offices in USPTO (in the USA) and CIPO (in Canada).

NTAA has accused Nordstrom x, Nike of trademark infringement by using a similar brand logo. It has been first brought to the companies attention via the public through comments. Consumers identified the similarities within the two logos thus causing confusion.

NTAA, a global brand corporation was established by young entrepreneurs in 2015 and it is popular for delivering peerless products that define modish luxury to cement their status in modern culture. NTAA has been breaking the norms and redefining exclusivity in glamour on the basis of the ideals of no talk all action. Through dedication and demonstration, it designs, manufactures, and distributes fashion and lifestyle products bearing its distinctive ‘N’ logo. The music artist, “YOUNG RY” has been signed to NTAA (No Talk All Action) Inc.

However, the fashion brand, Nordstrom x Nike, with a similar logo to that of NTAA has been affecting the popularity of NTAA in the market. And Nordstrom x Nike, released in 2016 has not registered its trademark with the trademark authorities in the US and Canada. Popular on Instagram as #NordstromxNike, #NordstromRACK, and #Nordstrom, the brand Nordstrom x Nike is receiving criticism for stealing the logo idea from NTAA logo. On the official Instagram page of #NTAAWAVE, the fashion brand shares a lot of updates related to its fashion products and other accessories to share their products with their followers.

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