One Luxury Aims To Make Travel Experience Memorable For People With Its High Quality Services

When one makes travel plans, they would do anything to make it comfortable, special and memorable. However, at times, people aren’t sure of what hotel to stay in, which places are worth visiting and where to invest money to make it a luxurious and wonderful experience. With One Luxury’s guidance and services, people can be carefree and relaxed and enjoy only the best during their journey.

Co-founded by DOMENICA GRACI and DANIELA GRACI (CEO’s of Swiss Branch, respectively), One Luxury offers trips and experiences that are driven by themes such as fitness, beauty or even mental health & motivation training. Not just travel, even when it comes to events, Graci’s company provides top-class services with the goal to make customers reminiscing the great time they spent during the trip with a smile. They believe in the motto: One Luxury – Time is our luxury and stand by it.

The founders believes that if one focuses on the continuous development of products and services to trigger emotions, positive feelings throughout the entire stay of their clients, they can enhance the travel experience. SheDOMENICA states, “That includes not only seamless experience of booking and traveling as such but rather the small things giving us joy and activate all five senses.”

When asked what makes One Luxury better than everyone else in the market, DOMENICA GRACI answered, “Our brand stands for the preciousness of life – we gift each individual ONE with time, joy and unforgettable memories. Our secret is that we get to know our clients to provide highly personalized solutions.”

In 2021, DOMENICA & DANIELA GRACI present a visionary company driven by passion and hard work. One Luxury is definitively a company with potential for great heights in the future where people can enjoy spectacular services and cherish their travel memories forever.