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Digital technologies have dramatically transformed the operation of the media industry. The way news is gathered, shared, and consumed differs from how it was done earlier. Today the online news portals have taken over the traditional news sources and are known to provide the quickest and authentic news at all times.

With the world news being one tap away, people have been enjoying the luxury of convenience and accessibility that technology has provided them with. Nevertheless, with the added pressure of instantaneous and rapid news updates, the accuracy standards have become extremely difficult to uphold.

Addressing this worrying need in modern times, many news sources have been working hard and fast towards providing accurate news to their audience, and is one of them. This online news portal has been providing the Telegu community with the news they require without having them cross-check the news in order to confirm its authenticity.

A Platform with A Wide Network was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Media Inc. This is a news platform that targets the Telugu community. The internet has a very scarce news resource for the Telegu community so, has taken it upon itself to provide the latest news about the happenings in the Telugu community. With its tagline, “as fast as light, and as genuine as you,” the online news portal has come a long way within its existence of eight years in the industry.

The advancement of technology has shrunk the world and plays a major role in keeping people connected. Similarly, keeps the Telugu community up-to-date regarding the Telugu happenings worldwide, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

With their aim to provide a “one-stop news source,” covers numerous news topics such as current affairs, politics, crime, national, international, business, events, and entertainment, making sure not to leave any topic behind.

Due to its loyal fan base and authentic news from all genres, the official Facebook page of has acquired over a staggering 2.5M followers. As is accessible worldwide, its major traffic and audience are located in the United States, Canada, India, Australia, and other major countries of the world. has a user-friendly news portal that is easy to use and access. The website’s interface makes navigating through the website simple. With the increase in mobile users these days, the news portal has made its platform mobile-friendly and made it available as a mobile app.

All successful business ventures have one thing in common, and that is a competent and efficient team. Whether it be a small project or a large business, teamwork is the determining factor of how great the results would be. The creative team of consists of reporters, content writers, editors, and sub-editors. With the help of such talented individuals, has established itself in the news industry today.

The news company works on a remote business model and has a huge network of news reporters worldwide. They are headquartered in Khammam,Telangana, a small town in India, and operate their business from there. has been rated as one of the top Telugu websites by Alex Rankings for its prompt and authentic news publishes.

The success of any business calls for expansion. Similarly, the online Telugu news portal is aiming to launch its location-based website very soon. With such a service, the audience will be able to keep track of the regional news, helping them maintain a decent amount of information level about their surroundings.

Currently, the team of is developing an android app that would be released in January 2021. This app would include news and other Geo-based information such as real estate, classifieds, and services. As the first online news platform in a Telugu community bringing in such a service, there is a lot of hype among the community members.

The sad part about any business progression is that while climbing the stairs of prosperity, they fail to maintain their authenticity and often compromise their credibility. has played its part in maintaining a reputation and sustaining its position without getting involved in unethical practices in a cut-throat competition. Observing their honest work ethic, has created a wide fan base all over the world, helping them grow in every way possible.