Online casino gambling is rising in popularity

Online casino gambling is rising in popularity at a pretty rapid speed, we would say. This way of gambling isn’t a new thing at all. The first online gambling websites appeared way back in the mid-90s, but everything has changed drastically since then. Thanks to technological progress, this kind of betting has become approachable to masses, so we could say that casino websites are taking over the market from traditional land-based establishments.

The beginnings of this industry were quite modest and many years have passed until online gambling became a major thing in the industry. In the first 15 years, this industry was growing at a pretty steady pace. However, everything escalated in the last decade, when we saw a huge increase in popularity, mainly because of the rapid progress of network quality, live streaming technologies etc. Moreover, the latest estimations suggest an incredible growth in the next several years.

The online casino industry was pretty heavy in 2017. In numbers, it measured almost 46 billion dollars. These estimations suggest the numbers will double in the next four years, so it is expected that this industry will be good for about 94 billion in 2024.

That’s an enormous amount of money, so you may presume that one of the reasons is the fact that more and more people are switching from land-based to online casinos. Also, online casinos attract social groups that can’t be seen in brick and mortar establishments so often, such as women and younger generations.

Some estimations suggest that more than half of all gamblers play online. They play on all kinds of devices and while smartphones are having a bigger and bigger share every year, PC computers still have the biggest contribution.  We presume this will change in the near future, as people have started to realize they don’t have necessarily to gamble at their homes, but anywhere where their smartphone can catch a good internet connection.

That ability to gamble anywhere, at any time will definitely be one of the main reasons why online casinos will continue to suppress traditional land-based establishments. Despite the lack of that thrill and authentic casino atmosphere, most people will rather choose a more convenient way of gambling, from their homes, where they won’t lose their precious time on transport.

Of course, convenience isn’t the only reason why online casinos are getting more and more popular. Another thing that comes to mind is the ability to use all kinds of different payment methods, including credit cards, all kinds of eWallets and others. Money transfer doesn’t take as much time as it was the case just a couple of years ago. These days, everything is going pretty fast, especially with eWallets.

The list of reasons doesn’t end with these two, but includes several more things, including the fact that online casinos offer a much bigger choice in terms of the number of games. Of course, there are many land-based casinos that offer thousands of slot games and dozens of tables but most casinos are rather small and with a modest offer. On the other side, pretty much every online casino offers slot games from various providers, so the total number measures in hundreds, if not in thousands.

In the future, online gambling experience will only get better. We can already see pretty amazing things, such as live online casino, which offers a pretty amazing experience. Once VR technology becomes a common thing among masses, we have no doubt that games in this format will be even more impressive.

Finally, add to this fast and stable internet connections, and everything makes perfect sense. We presume things will become even better with the arrival of the 5G network.