Optionante Stands in Solidarity with The World In Its Fight Against COVID19

The company is working tirelessly to arrange for masks to donate and prevent the spread of the deadly virus. 5000 masks have already been shipped to Australia. More to follow.

The world is reeling under the attack of an unseen force that can potentially hurt everyone. In a time of such distress, the best of us have to take care of the rest. In markets and in life, Optionante is always working with people to minimize their risk and live a prosperous life. And the commitment to their promise can be seen in their every action.

COVID19 has led to a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions. There are multiple ways to help, and Optionante has identified the short supply of PPE as the biggest hurdle in fighting the new virus. In the absence of a standard cure, using the right PPE is humanity’s best weapon against COVID19. But, the short supply of these products has led to an astronomical increase in their prices making it impossible for everyone to use them.

OptioNante management decided to spend their resources on procuring an essential need of today – masks. They have started this exercise by sending 5000 masks to Australia. They are going to continue donating masks to other countries around the world soon.

It has started small. But every small gesture counts to bring the world closer to a cure.

About Optionanate: based trading company, Optionante works under a visionary and accomplished management who follow a growth-driven, innovative, and client-first approach.