Oriol Vignut – Offers eCom Conquistadores Online Course To Spanish-speaking Students To Build Online Brand In 30 Days.

The main goal of this program is to furnish a proven step-by-step strategy on how to start earning income from your laptop.

Oriol Vignut CEO of eCom Conquistadores offers an 8 week training program on the real case study which he will reveal for the first time some of his online commerce brands. It is the fastest-growing Spanish-speaking online commerce community where a group of individuals having the same goals allows themselves to advance to the next level. Oriol believes that alone we can go far, but together we can go further.

Looking back on Oriol’s humble beginnings, he grew up in a small town in Barcelona. Growing up in a middle-class family, he was fascinated with business by selling stuff to his neighborhood at a very young age. He was 7 years old when he first earned 5 euros daily selling cartoon stickers in his school. He used his father’s photocopier and printing machine to enlarge those trending cartoon characters. After primary school, he went to a University and studied Engineering. He was influenced by his father who was an Engineer and an entrepreneur at the same time. Growing up in his father’s office, used to sketch buildings and structures at an early age.

After getting a degree, Oriol Vignut worked in his father’s office as a Mechanical engineer. However, he was eager to learn and get his client which makes him decide to look for 9 to 5 jobs. He worked with a boss that was unpleasant and did not treat him well which leads him to hate his job. So, he decided to go back and work in his father’s office. This time he found his clients and started to make money. Luck doesn’t align in Oriol’s side, where the opportunity to grow in his small town is limited particularly when the construction industry was in crisis in 2008. He knew that there are other opportunities out there especially in the online world. When he was stocked in the four corners of his room during the time where he cannot walk for 3 months, due to the accident that he met during his downhill mountain bike training, he found an opportunity online and applied his knowledge about eCommerce. He found a way to build his stores and ships his product directly from the manufacturer. He was amazed by the outcome, that is why he continues to learn more knowledge about marketing and eCommerce. 

It took him a year without any profit in his online store before he finally earned 6 figure profit in a single month in 2019. He became successful by combining his analytical engineering skills and emotional marketing that he learned from his mentor. Now, Oriol Vignut is one of the leading eCommerce personalities that is willing to share his knowledge and expertise with those aspiring individuals who want to achieve financial freedom and earn from 0 to 6 figures. He will show you his brands, how he finds his product, how they create the work-around in their marketing and most of all how they scale and automate their entire process.