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Parents devastated by closure of Bristol special needs school

In an unexpected turn of events, parents have been expressing their dismal after a residential school for special needs located in Bristol was suddenly closed. This left the children with complex and severe learning issues at distraught & without any suitable placement alternatives.

Parents were informed about the same when they were at the workplace and were required to pick their children from the school named St. Christopher’s. This independently functioning special school cum care home located by Westbury Park towards the city’s north was immediately suspended after the regulators of the school suspended the registration protocol due to safeguarding concerns.

As of now, police officials have confirmed that they are looking through all these allegations with regards to child cruelty. Not just that, a section of the staff has been suspended given the investigation’s outcome. However, the parents are now angry at the sudden way this closure took place with almost no warning for the parents in the hindsight.

Parents were given all the belongings of their children in black coloured bin bags. Also, some of the children were also bussed to the emergency placements located around the nation. Other parents, that didn’t live with their kids for long due to challenging and extreme behaviour, didn’t have any option but to bring them back home.

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