Persistence Pays Off; Ricky Andrade’s Message for the Youth of Today

Born and raised in a low-income neighborhood of Los Angeles and an unstable educational environment – not being able to study in any school for more than 2 years – Ricky Andrade, like most of us, dreamt of soaring high. But what distinguishes him from most of us is his perseverance and ambition in the face of countless obstacles that he encountered as he embarked on his journey to success.

There are a few people in this world who, despite all odds stacked against them, are determined to take the leash of their destinies and steer it in the direction they desire. One such exceptional personality is that of Ricky Andrade. 

Four years ago, Andrade, who was only 21 years old at the time and juggling between working full time as a Commercial Dishwasher Technician at Auto Chlor Systems and studying at Orange Coast College, found the impetus that incited him to take the risk of quitting his job. With a nominal amount of money in his pocket that however brimmed with hope and determination, he, at first, worked with affiliate companies as he simultaneously acquired skills for trading and in the later years pursued Forex Trading as his primary investment strategy. 

Committed to helping others, he founded his training establishment, Market Masters Academy, an institute that mentors thousands of struggling individuals to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams as they navigate in the realms of Forex Trading. His quick grasp of key concepts, strategic thinking, and smart decisions helped him establish his name in the industry and earned him the title of a self-made millionaire at only 23 years of age.

At Market Masters Academy, Andrade spearheads a range of foreign exchange market mentoring services. Here, individuals hailing from different lines of work seeking financial freedom from the daily 9-5 grind are encouraged to break free of their shackles and maximize their full potential through effective Forex Trading strategies. The rigorous training Andrade provides is directed towards entrepreneurs willing to achieve rapid profit growth. He emphasizes on methodical, risk-averse pathways to build up portfolios and take advantage of shifting market dynamics. His experience also encompasses stock and cryptocurrency trading.

Under the banner of The Market Mastermind, Ricky Andrade holds cutting-edge events, providing a platform to like-minded individuals to network and bond as they master the skills of Forex Trading. He also offers online courses that take advantage of both audio and visual resources to provide a guide based upon intuitive learning. His company has since been featured by Nasdaq, Entrepreneur, TradingView, and Yahoo! Finance among many others. This multi-million dollar business also provides one-on-one mentoring services and various other training like Forex Trading 101 and On Point FX Signals.  

Andrade, remembering his humble beginnings, has now also founded a charity organization called MotivPack which is an abbreviation for Motivational Backpacks. Through this platform, he aims to provide young struggling beginners, a stepping stone in the form of backpacks loaded with essentials, motivation, and resources. His problem-solving capabilities also led him to pioneer an innovative medspa called Flip Your Look that utilizes risk-free and painless procedures to help thousands feel better about their bodies.

Andrade confers his success to his ability to maintain the balance between work and recreational activities. His leisure pursuits include admiring exotic cars as a member of The Lamborghini Society, reading, and hiking among others. He also does weekly cash giveaways on Instagram and has given away more than $23000 in the last year. The Forex Trading prodigy can be followed at @riskyricky on Instagram.