PLATINCOIN’s Founder Alex Reinhardt Shares How They Are Making Their Cryptocurrency Brand Accessible To The Masses

Being smart and being educated are two different things. Not all educated people are smart and not every smart person is educated. And to achieve success, you have to be smart first. Alex Reinhardt’s cryptocurrency brand PLATINCOIN aka PLC doesn’t need you to be educated or trained to earn unlimited passive income.

Talking about the same, Alex explains, “The main goal of PLATINCOIN is to give people around the world the opportunity to earn unlimited income and passive income using blockchain technology. At the same time, neither age, nor education, nor the level of technical training matter! PLATINCOIN offers unique passive income generation products! We have created these products for those who have no time to understand complex technologies, but want to start earning faster.”

PLATINCOIN founder Alex Reinhardt reveals that the users of the brand receive a printing press that prints, not just paper dollars, but the digital cryptocurrency Platincoin as well. It can be further exchanged for the same dollars or other cryptocurrencies on numerous exchanges and exchangers.

PLATINCOIN has been in the market for 4 years and currently has 600,000 users from 120 countries. Its coin has grown by 5000% since launch and that’s incredible!

“Thanks to PLATINCOIN, more than 600,000 users of our products have changed their lives by giving them the opportunity to generate stable passive income, make new friends and have the opportunity to travel the world,” says Alex.

Alex Reinhardt says that with the brand they are changing the world and lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. As per him, the brand is making complicated fintech technologies easy to understand and accessible to the mass audience.

Ask him about the goals for this year and Alex says that he wants the brand to reach a turnover of one billion euros in 2021, grow the community and release new and improved versions of our products.

Well, we wish him all the luck!