Powerful Prep Founder Matt Larriva Receives His Millionth Answer-View on Quora

Founder of Tutoring Firm’s Quora Answers Provide Advice for Millions Seeking College Admissions and Test Prep Answers

IRVINE, CA.–– September 11, 2020 –– Matt Larriva, founder of Powerful Prep, a leading concierge tutoring firm dedicated to transparency, massive point gains and customized curriculum, recently received his millionth answer-view on Quora, a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.

An expert in test-prep, test-taking, and the pre-college process, Larriva started answering questions on Quora to help high school students and parents navigate an increasingly complicated college admissions process. In August, Larriva responded to a question about the United States presidents’ SAT scores, and the response went viral, causing a surge in answer-views. The question was viewed over 200,000 times pushing his total answer-views well over 1 million.

“Hitting a million views, only posting about test-prep and college admissions, makes you realize how obscure the high school process has become,” stated Larriva. “Students and parents are asked to run a gauntlet that is massively challenging and intimidating. Being able to offer a credentialed answer for free to anyone, regardless of income and background, is very satisfying.”

Since joining Quora in 2014, Larriva has developed a large following and now regularly receives 100 answer requests per week, syndicated to thousands of Quora’s Weekly Digest. Larriva has answered over 350 questions to date. His page helps students navigate the pre-college process with advice on college admissions, the SAT, and the ACT.

“Quora is still the only place where anyone can come and ask anything with little filtering or judgement,” offered Larriva. “It’s a kind and open community that fills a void between the unstructured answers of Google and the rigid constructs of the StackExchange sites. Being a part of its success and ensuring unfettered access to information has been a privilege.”

The 50 most viewed writers on Quora have received between 30 million and 250 million views, so Larriva’s page reaching 1 million views places him in the top 99.9%. Having a free, expert-led community of answers provides resources in a time when the pre-college process has become almost impossible to navigate.

Larriva was named an “elite super tutor” by the BBC, and works locally and globally with students who are seeking the best in test prep. Larriva completed his undergraduate degree at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and has a Masters in Applied Statistics from UCLA. He has published three books on test prep.

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