R&B Artist Calvin Ross Remembers his Father, Keith Sain, as he Passes Away Recently

Calvin Ross, Atlanta based R&B artist has suffered an irreparable loss in the form of his father’s death. It has left him in a state of deep pain and agony. Calvin Ross has expressed that his father, Keith Sain was one of the major pillars of support in his life and it was he who helped him recognize his true potential.

Calvin’s father was born in Bolivar Tennessee to Beulah Sain-Colston and Charlie Woods. He spent some of his childhood days and much adulthood in Detroit Michigan with his mother Beulah and step father Robert Colston. Keith Sain was a man of values and his parents instilled a lot of virtues in him during his upbringing in Detroit. 

Despite seeing a lot of ups and downs in his life, Keith always maintained his positive spirit to spread liveliness in his family as well as his friends. According to Calvin Ross, his father Keith Sain was a family man and from what he knew he always kept the mother of his children, Michelle Warren-Ross happy.

Moreover, he wasn’t always in their lives, but he did what he could to take care of his three children Domonic Ross, Calvin Ross, and Latasha Ross-Chism. According to the R&B artist, Calvin Ross, a big portion of his success in life is credited to his father’s efforts and the artist believes that he has managed to establish his strong identity in the music industry due to his father’s guidance, support and words of encouragement.

Calvin Ross hails from Jackson Tennessee and he is an emerging artist in the R&B music world. He dived into the music world at the age of 17. And he has received great support from his listeners. He has shared a photo with his father on his Instagram page to express his gratitude towards his father’s efforts in shaping the personality in him. All his followers are pouring condolences to his father’s loss and giving Calvin Ross the much-needed support that he needs in this time of grief.