Reviving Humanity with Kuzzat Altay

 “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
― Mother Teresa

Adversities carve a life filled with success as they push people to handle difficult situations in life. These tough conditions make an individual experienced and patient as they head on the path of being more engrossed and devoted to accomplishing their goals. Kuzzat Altay, an Uyghur-American Human Rights Activist, has paved his way through challenges to come out winning. He was born and brought up in Xinjiang in China and belongs to Uyghur, an ethnic group. In this fast-paced country, Kuzzat had never thought or believed being besieged for his ethnicity by the government. Still, the increase of the concentration camps demonstrated how Kuzzat’s surroundings were unfavorable. 

Tough situations prevailed

The Chinese government had started pressurizing the Uyghur Muslim minority in Xinjiang. Kuzzat had to personally experience the bitter reality as he recalls his father saying, ‘Son, they are taking me,’ The government took hold of Kuzzat’s father, making him face the toughest circumstances. Kuzzat’s father was 67 years old when he was held in the Xinjiang camps with 1.5 million individuals, according to United Nations. He came back with a disability of a broken leg in 2020, which he had to endure all his life. When a parent leaves the world, it is a completely earthshattering and irreparable loss. It is a never-ending pain that stays for a long time as it is tough to navigate life without their presence and guidance. While various individuals began to feel despair or want to quit, Kuzzat emerged out of the turmoil with an unshakeable spirit. 

Distressed by the state of affairs, he moved from China and settled in Turkey in 2005 at 21. After spending three years there, Kuzzat moved to Fairfax in Virginia as a refugee in 2008. Despite being upset from all the adversities, Kuzzat was resolute to bring change and improve the condition of the people that belonged to his ethnicity. He was motivated to thrive and subsist in the US and utilized his skills and familiarity in IT to grasp job prospects. Kuzzat was part of the top 1o IT consulting companies such as CGI and Accenture. He also has the understanding of managing and working on high-priority and prominent ventures at Kuzzat has graduated from Harvard Business School in the General Management Program (GMP).

Developing a new perspective

“Life is to be lived, not controlled, and humanity is won by continuing to play in the face of certain defeat.”
― Ralph  Ellison

Kuzzat was motivated by the hunger of developing the condition of the Uyghur residing in China. To accomplish this feat, he had to primarily build his image as a solid and well-known individual. In August 2015, with information and practice, Kuzzat launched Cydeo. This institute envisions reimagining old-style IT customs and fashioning remarkably gifted pupils. Going through hardship, Kuzzar was aware of the challenges an individual has to endure when the family is far from reach. So, his school purposes to enlighten and teach those who are deprived and fit into groups in jeopardy. The establishment’s curricula are intended to effectively educate and navigate the pupils to have advanced IT careers, irrespective of their IT knowledge. By paying attention to evolving special skills, Cydeo emphasizes how pupils require a group of educators and guides already in the industry to thrive in the future. 

Cydeo guides pupils to take part in successful and topmost software advancements teams. Altay’s institution has facilitated hundreds of emerging ambitious youngsters in attaining a well-reputable job at well-known IT establishments all through the US. The slogan of his institution is, ‘Positive transformation through education.’ Being strong in finance and emotions, Kuzzat seized the moment by forming the ‘Uyghur Entrepreneurs Network’ to advance Human Resources and Capital for bringing light to Uyghur Cause in 2018. He commenced this work after he got a voice message from his father informing him that the Chinese authorities were moving him to a confinement camp. With each step in the right direction, there are challenges throughout the journey and Kuzzat, also faced problems that had little to no solutions. Initially, the network had more than 25 members, but they were intimidated by the warnings that their family members would get hurt in Xinjiang. Due to this, the members stepped back and left midway. This did not diminish Kuzzat’s determination, and he continued to strive and moved ahead to continue his mission.

Being steadfast 

“Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.”
― Thomas Keneally

The thirst to succeed, shared with persistency, always leaves a lasting impact that remains for a long time. It was the same situation with Kuzzat as he continued to talk about his community’s hardships on numerous instances and platforms. He consistently pointed out the issue and highlighted it in front of people from around the world. As the chair of ‘Uyghur American Association,’ he regularly gives influential speeches to enlighten individuals on a global level about the Uyghur massacre occurring in China under the misleading tag of ‘redefining camps.’ At several platforms, Altay has explained that his father was aged, a retired individual, and did not entail any skills but was still hauled to the camps. 

Kuzzat’s father was released in 2020, yet he was unable to meet or talk to him. China made him deplore his own son on Chinese state TV as the government warned him that he would be in the camp once more if he attempted to talk to his son. Kuzzat’s story is similar to all other minorities existing underneath oppressive and dictatorial regulations in nations across the globe. Kuzzat is a CEO, human rights activist, and entrepreneur in Virginia who has continuously worked hard to administer change with his peaceable appeals to release the individuals who were taken forcefully. Individuals like Kuzzat Altay bring humanity back to the forefront as they bring optimism and encouragement for an improved and secure future for the Uyghurs and other individuals globally.