Revolutionizing the world of YouTube with his creative content is a youngster from Germany, Shayan Garcia

He is one amongst the young social media sensations whose fan following is only doubling by the day.

No matter how much ever we speak about the growth of the social media world, we always come across one success story or the other that only inspires the world in ways more than one. Such is the power and the potential of the social media space and the digital world as a whole, which has opened many closed doors of opportunities to people to come forward and create milestones in the same. Simon Yalaza from Germany serves as the best example today as a youngster who believed in his dreams and thus has achieved massive fan following on his YouTube channel, where he manages the hat of a host and a content creator with his street interviews that have high entertainment quotient.

This young talent was born in 1988 in Hechingen, Germany and since his childhood, if anything that attracted him the most, then it was all the things creative. All those things that he felt were different or unique drew his attention the most. This was the reason in school; he was much interested in music and played soccer. This was the time he fell for comedy and acting as well and loved making everyone around him laugh.

Years later, after Simon Yalaza found out the real potential of YouTube as an online medium and social media platform, he dived deep into the same and since then has never looked back. With making people laugh as his power and his wittiness as an innate skill, the 32-year-old young man surprises everyone on the streets with his funny questions and creates a humorous atmosphere for all.

For Simon Yalaza, who enjoys his massive fan following in Germany and across social media platforms, a good customer base is built with trust, and being true to oneself and their work. For him, it was all about good humour and that’s how he has millions of fans and followers today who love enjoying his streets interviews on his YouTube channel.

Whether it is being confident in front of the camera or being crazy with the people he interviews, Simon Yalaza aces the game in all the aspects and thus has become one of the biggest social media sensations across Germany. Well, we can’t contain our excitement for his upcoming videos already.

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