Roman Shapovalov’s measured courage in the real estate business has helped him soar to great heights

Be it a positive mental attitude or the hunger to become successful; Roman Shapovalov had the composure of taking calculated risks, which has helped him evolve as a successful real estate entrepreneur.

Often, it so happens, that aspiring entrepreneurs may possess all the necessary attributes like passion, hard work, determination, planning, positive mindset, etc. but lack another crucial attribute – courage. Some entrepreneurs are very courageous, be it in taking high-end risks and investing hugely to reap future rewards, or not courageous enough to take risks at all, relying on the mantra of “low risks low rewards”. To become a successful entrepreneur, one must have the ability of measured courage, knowing when to show courage, and in what quantity, neither too much nor too less, exquisitely measured. Keeping this in mind, one entrepreneur scaled to the top of the real estate business goes by the name of Roman Shapovalov. 

Roman Shapovalov was born in Belarus and currently resides in the US. Him and his family immigrated to the US, at the age of 7, and this is where he learned his entrepreneurial spirit inspired by the American dream. He had a dream to one day own his own business. He hustled his way up to the top and worked day and night to garner capital for his real estate business. He worked at a few minimum wage jobs like McDonald’s and Service Master cleaning company while going to school and also painted houses at the age of 13. He was helping his family financially while working two jobs and graduating high school at 14. After graduation, he took a full time position at Best Buy which would further end up another step in the right direction. Roman learned the very important virtues of human behavior during this tough phase and developed empathy and the never-give up personality. He learned that to become a good leader; one must possess exquisite communication and people’s skills. He began developing these skills, seizing every opportunity he came in contact with. His exemplary people’s and selling skills made him the youngest automotive finance manager at the age of 17. He also became the top automotive finance manager on the east coast, and as per him, success is when passion meets purpose. 

Roman Shapovalov’s interest in the real-estate business peaked as he noticed his friends reap great rewards from it. But he was also very smart; he had the ability to gauge the quantum of risk, he must take. And after a complete evaluation of risks and rewards, he launched his real estate firm. He put his philosophy into practice and valued human relations above profits. He built personal relations and rapport with his clients and inspired his employees to work while maximizing client satisfaction. 

Roman Shapovalov is now happily married and lives a stupendous lifestyle, be it buying his dream car, Audi R8, or traveling to the most elusive destinations, Roman Shapovalov’s calculated risks have earned him an elite life, after attaining success in sales and the real estate business.

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