Rony Jabour, a Vibrant and Enthusiastic Individual Providing Exceptional OSH Training

There are many factors that contribute to efficiency in the workplace. A professional environment, uplifting ambiance, healthy work culture, good communication between the employees and bosses and job security. But one of the biggest factors that influence productivity in a workplace is friendliness and frankness in the environment. Be it because of just one individual or everyone; when people are friendly towards each other, the hostility factor is eliminated. Consequential to which, every individual is put in a lighter mood, and everyone enjoys doing their work.

This is why having at least one individual who has the ability to make people smile, regardless of how tough the situation is at a workplace, is quite important. Not only do they make the environment friendly, but they also have the power to make people listen to them and get messages delivered across the team.

In this regard, there is no better example to give than the fun-loving Rony Jabour. An Occupational safety and health motivational speaker, Rony Jabour is an Authorized OSHA Safety trainer, whose goal is to help people learn the importance of safety and health in the workplace. He is funny, and extremely passionate, aiming at “ensuring that each parent returns home safely, for their loved ones, who are the most important.”


Rony Peterson Kirmse Jabour, was opened her eyes in Brazil, on October 12, 1983. A student at Cleres Martins Moreira and Marist, Rony, completed his education from the Instituto Federal do Espirito Santo, where he graduated as an Agricultural Technician. By the time he graduated, Rony was 18, and he moved to the U.S.

Rony started working as a construction worker in Boston, Massachusetts, right after he moved to the U.S. Rony was dedicated, and very jolly, who made friends wherever he went. While working in the construction industry, Rony realized a lot of things about himself and the construction world.

Rony Jabour gathered that the construction sites exposed workers to several dangers, and people there were extremely negligent about taking care of themselves. Rony recognized people not practicing the safety and health measures even when they were working.

This was when Rony Jabour decided to take the job of helping his team members understand the significance of practicing health and safety measures along with their basics. Rony Jabour helped every single one of them exercise health and safety measures, especially when they went visiting construction sites. Rony’s vibrant personality made it easier for people to listen to him, and he loved taking care of people.

Rony Jabour joined the OSHA Training Institute (OTI), Keene State College, in 2008, where he took up several courses, to take his passion up a notch. Not only did he perform exceptionally at all courses, but he was also the first student in the U.S. to complete all certification programs offered by the OTI in New Hampshire!


Rony Jabour began working as a EHS trainer immediately after he got certified. Rony started his school, United Safety Net, the only school offering OSH courses in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. The school provides a variety of different classes, where students are trained to protect themselves against the harms and dangers in the workplace. The school also certifies students, which allows them to practice OSH training. Each year, the school certifies over 2000 students, and due to this very reason, United Safety Net has become the United States’ largest OSH training institute in Spanish, Portuguese and English!

Besides successfully running a school, Rony Jabour also started delivering speeches to raise awareness about occupational health and safety measures throughout the state. In 2012, Rony Jabour was invited to give a motivational speech regarding health and safety awareness by Harvard University. He even received a certificate for his address from Harvard!

Rony Jabour was also invited by the United States Department of Labor to help the workers learn the significance of health and safety in the workplace. His speech was great, and people gained invaluable insights from it. He was re-invited in 2016 to deliver an equally insightful and motivating speech.

Rony Jabour was also quite efficient in fighting with the pandemic. Not only did he get himself certified, but he also started training sessions to help people learn ways to protect and stay safe from Coronavirus.

Rony Jabour holds a master’s degree from the University of Texas Arlington. Not only has he become the most requested EHS / OSHA trainer in all of the U.S, but he is also the number one authorized OSHA trainer in New England. His unique personality gives him a way to talk to people and making them learn as to why taking health and safety measures is important.