Rooted in Ancient Yemen Traditions, Mokha Bunn has Mastered the Perfect Cup of Coffee and is Offering it Locally to Canadian and North American Coffee Aficionados.

The perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee provides an extraordinary aroma and a delicate balance of acidity and exotic notes for a complex flavor that creates exactly the satisfying experience that a true coffee lover craves. Mokha Bunn has mastered this coffee experience as a result of its founders living in and enjoying the ancient traditions of, Yemen, the first country where coffee was prepared and is now available in Canada for aficionados to revel in.

The rich, flavorful drink that billions worldwide consider a regular, and often crucial, part of their day has deep connections to the little-known country of Yemen. Beginning in the 15th century it was first consumed by monks to help them stay awake during lengthy meditations. By the early 1700s, coffee had made its way around the world and at that time it was Yemen that was supplying the billions globally with their coffee supply.

To this day, Yemeni coffee farmers maintain the same process used to produce coffee, in which it originated, to preserve the exotic taste and unique quality. And while centuries ago, Yemen was the main influence over the coffee market, today it represents only a very small percent. As a result, the demand is quite high because of the quality, fully traceable, organically processed, and exquisite varieties of micro-lot coffees that were derived from the Yemen culture. Fortunately, the Mokha Bunn company has captured the very essence of this delicacy and is pairing traditions with today’s need for a variety of options, flavors, and ways of obtaining the products.

The name Mokha Bunn is derived from “Al-Mokha,” a small port city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen and “Bunn,” which in Arabic means the coffee cherry, coffee beans, or ground coffee, and was founded by Mustafa, a proud Yemeni with a great love for his country and the magnificent smell of freshly brewed coffee from his country. Seeking to carry on a positive reputation for Yemen, as the last few years the main references have been only of political strife, Mustafa recognized that the one thing tourists and natives loved about the country was its appreciation for the remarkable coffee that it had been producing for centuries. After a great deal of research, and learning that so many people spoke so highly of Yemen coffee brews, Mustafa decided to build a business that allowed people everywhere to once again enjoy the specialty brews that he had grown up with.

Jihad, a Yemeni Canadian, and an avid coffee drinker herself living in Canada, is Co-Founder of Mokha Bunn. After moving to Canada, Jihad found it difficult to find coffee as delicious as the ones she had known in Yemen and had only discovered ones with slight resemblances. After learning there were many other people in Canada, who also missed the authentic version of Yemeni coffee, she sought out ways to import the coffee. Through a great deal of research about coffee types, varieties, and the roasting process she eventually came into contact with fellow Yemeni, Mustafa, and learned about his company and mission to bring the best of Yemeni coffees to Canada and North America. Soon after, the two became partners and now enjoy their journey of bringing by far the best coffee to a new part of the world.

What makes the Mokha Bunn brand of coffee so special is several things. First, Mokha Bunn offers different specialty coffees from different regions in Yemen. And secondly, the traditional method that the Yemen farmers currently use, has been used for hundreds of years and ensures that the original coffee characteristics remain intact throughout the entire process. They handpick the cherries at their peak and then go through the second round of hand sorting, a floating system, where potentially defected beans are removed. They are then spread out on raised beds in the sun to dry naturally. Overall, the process can last between 16 and 22 days depending on the climate but is critical in providing intense sweetness and the explosion of fruity notes that individuals have come to love about Yemen coffees. The next step is the dried cherries going into a hulling machine to separate the husk from the beans, the team hand sorts the beans, packs them up and they are shipped to Canada. Once they arrive in Canada, they immediately start profiling each coffee to determine which roasting profile brings out ALL of the exotic needs desired for that perfect cup of coffee…the result that so many rely on and can rely on with Mokha Bunn!

What’s more, is that the Mokha Bunn brand offers an interactive coffee matching system on their site that provides just the right roast and flavor depending on the customer’s tastes and brewing methods. As it prompts the guest with a series of questions, the site quickly narrows down the results to offer exactly what the guest will enjoy based on their entries. And voila…happy customers who are enjoying some of the world’s most impeccably made coffee! Interested in custom coffee orders? Mokha Bunn offers this too! These coffee experts can guide individuals to selecting precisely the right type of coffee for any occasion and any palate.

Today Mokha Bunn coffee (Haimi), who scored first place in the 2019 Chilean Brewers Cup Championship, has come a long way…from Yemen to Canada for one! Now, those who value quality coffee, care about sustainability, and appreciate lifelong traditions, and want to either enjoy it themselves, serve it to their guests or become a wholesaler…CAN! A company that has valued its heritage and continues to share the story behind each coffee is a one-of-a-kind brand that has maintained fair and direct relationships with single origin farmers who are the heroes on the other side of the globe and has added the innovation of green, roasted whole beans and ground specialty coffee. Mokha Bunn has brought back the significance to moments where people are enjoying their coffee, which is perfect timing for individuals everywhere who have needed to once again enjoy tradition, quality, quiet moments, and togetherness.