Satisfying the travelling quest of people and inspiring them to take on the world is Rasmus Peter Kristensen through “Resort”, his created page on Instagram

Resort gives people a chance to fill themselves up with great vivacity and energy to live a life for travel.

There are a variety of people on this earth; some are determined to tie you up in the four confined walls of a traditional setup where they only expect you to keep working, do your job, earn money, etc. and other sets of people are those whom your subconscious mind also seeks to be. They are the ones who help you get away from all these shackles of life and let you explore the world through the power of travelling and through their influential impact on you as a passionate traveller. One such full of excitement and passionate traveller is Rasmus Peter Kristensen. He has a very clear motive in life, to help people explore the world and ultimately explore their own selves by knowing what is that their heart seeks.

Travel can open so many closed doors of life and place an individual in front of a picturesque and adventurous spot that can only make them appreciate the beauty of the world and have a sense of gratitude for everything. Travelling is also about acknowledging and cherishing the exotic and exciting locales while people get on their journeys. This experience is what Rasmus wishes to give to everyone by influencing and inspiring them the right way and make them understand that travelling can give so much back to an individual.

Through Resort, people also get the chance to be on their page as a traveller sharing their first-hand experiences of their expeditions, by tagging @resort. As more people tag Resort, many others can get to know their experiences and several others can get inspired to start their journeys in the real sense.

Rasmus has also found a world citizen in him as he always had an affinity towards travel since he was a child. Throughout his many travel experiences of life, he has met hundreds of people who in some way or the other have taught him something. To see and explore all the unique places on earth and offer the same experiences to others has what motivated Rasmus all his life.

He and his wife both have been with each other as their best travel companion for life and together have been to a long list of places on this earth, where they have also never missed staying at exotic resorts and 5-star hotels. Travelling drives Rasmus in life, but he also loves Thai boxing, driving motor snowboarding and training his female dog, a German Shepherd named Sika.

Making the most of each moment spent on his journeys and inspiring others through Resort on Instagram is what motivates Rasmus the most. People can even map out the best hotels and resorts of the world through Resort and know what places they can be next for their expeditions.

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