Scientists are Looking for Proof that Cannabis alone can cure Cancer

The use of Cannabis is growing among patients with anxiety and depression. The study proves that cannabis with low levels of THC has anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are the reason why patients are relying more and more on Cannabis oil and edibles.

Even researchers claim that the use of Cannabis oil for cancer can help treat cancer patients. Earlier, this claim sounded baseless, but now it seems there is proof that it actually helps cancer patients. Now cannabis treatment is used on cancer patients along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

However, the claim that cannabis alone can cure cancer is not true. There isn’t sufficient evidence proving that cannabis treatment alone can cure cancer. Cannabis is used to get rid of pain and anxiety in cancer patients. It is used to give relief after the harsh chemo and radio treatments.

There are many reviews and claims online that say that cannabis oil can cure cancer. But cannabis is mostly used in cancer patients to relieve cancer pain. And it is also used to treat the side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and lack of appetite.

But there is also the fact that THC and other cannabinoids can induce apoptosis. That’s why it may be helpful in curing cancer. Apoptosis is the natural programmed cell death in tumor cells. It also helps with Blocking cell division.  Maybe this is the reason people are hopeful that Cannabis can help cure cancer.

However, there is no solid proof that cannabis alone can cure cancer. It is still a far fetched idea, and researchers are working on it.