Scientists have Solved the Mystery Behind Stretch Marks

Women face more stretch marks in their life as compared to men. Some women have stretch marks during pregnancy while others go without having to deal with stretch marks on the skin.

Scientists have solved the mystery behind stretch marks in women’s bodies. Dr. Sazonova’s team from a US-based firm, 23andMe conducted research on 760,000 people’s DNA and confirmed that the stretch marks can be due the presence of certain genetic markers and there are 544 genetic markers that cause stretch marks in women’s skin.

Dr. Sazonova and her team created a computer model after using the sampled DNA data that shows whether a person was less or more susceptible to get stretch marks during pregnancy.

She found that 19 percent of people don’t have the scars and 81% have the stretch marks due to genetic factors. Some women go through pregnancy without having stretch marks. And the reason is the genetic marker that protects from the marks. And the women having stretch marks are in large numbers going for stretch marks cream from Perfect Body Mate.

The study conducted by 23andME was based on the results obtained from people of different descendants like 670,000 people were of European descent while 90,000 were from ethnic groups. The results founded from the research claimed that the women are more vulnerable to scars than men. Women do not overcome the stretch marks due to their skin cells that are programmed to produce less protein that repair the skin.