Searching for a Job in the US Since COVID

Many people aspire to chase the American Dream and as such, look for ways to work in the US. If this is you, you may have been wondering what it’s like looking for that job since COVID has changed the way the entire world operates. To that end, here’s a bit of insight into searching for that job.

Historical Hiring Trends are Just That – History

That doesn’t mean there won’t still be specific parts of the hiring process that are the same – such as the application, resume, and employee background check, but more applies to the timing. In days gone by, there’s generally been a surge of hiring at the beginning of each new year and then again every fall. Holiday and summer seasons have tended to mean a slowing of hiring. However, that’s no longer the case.


Whether you’re a parent in Miami or a single person in Chicago, you should definitely keep an eye on trends. In a hiring market that’s slower, the more you happen to know about who’s hiring and who isn’t, the more ahead of the game you’ll be. Stay on top of what’s going on. Check out industry and news sites that keep their eyes on hiring trends and business, if you’re interested in a particular company, follow them on LinkedIn, keep a close eye on job postings you find on job boards. If you happen to be unsure of where to begin, talk to people in your network who happen to work in the industry you’ve got your sights on and ask them their methods of keeping up with trends. 

Job Search Adjustments

One good job-hunting tip is to think about applying for jobs you might not have considered in days gone by. Maybe this means branching out to an entirely different industry, it might mean looking at doing a bit of consulting or freelancing work, it may even mean finding innovative methods of updating your skillset. Either way you go, try out a few different strategies when you’re looking for a job in the COVID era US.

Network, Network, Network

There are times when job seekers might be of the opinion that they’ll be able to slow down when hiring slows down. However, that’s actually the ideal time to reach out to those in your network and let them know that you’re thankful for any advice they’ve offered, give them an update and let them know how the search is going. It’s critical to ensure that you’re keeping your contacts warm so you’ll be able to garner their support once hiring picks up again.

Key Industries to Watch

When it comes to hiring trends, they’ll more than likely vary depending on things like the size of the company and the industry. Larger companies that don’t have issues with cash flow and industries that happen to be booming, such as healthcare and tech might see surges in hiring during the beginning of the year. However, businesses that are smaller or that have been impacted by COVID, such as the hospitality and service industries might just not begin to hire until the warmer months.

Don’t worry. You can adapt to these things. It just takes a bit of determination. Figure out whether or not you’ll need to pivot and then identify any of your skills that might be transferable. Make sure that you research whatever industry you’re considering. In the meantime, don’t neglect the expansion of your network. Also, be sure to show how enthusiastic you are about your opportunities. If you can manage all of that, finding a new job in the US will be a breeze for you.