Serial Entrepreneur Jonathan Tjoa Algreen Shares What Should Be the True Purpose of a Business

The road to success is never easy. Almost every successful individual has a story to tell about their struggles, purpose, and ultimate aims. For most people, it is wealth that acts as a driving force, and for some, it is mere power. Serial entrepreneur Jonathan Tjoa Algreen has a different approach to his work and lives his life with simple yet noble ideals. 

As a business expert, Jonathan is part of the fundamental change that is aiming to sweep the business world. He is driving the big idea of sustainable living, eco-friendly and slow fashion while questioning and negating the previous purpose of business- profits. 

Jonathan is a firm believer in the power of business to eradicate poverty, create a greener and more balanced world. According to him, a business can solve some of the crucial challenges that are on the brink of causing devastation to humans and the planet. As most of the capital, skilled people, and innovations are home within the business community, this gives businesses the edge to be part of a larger impact. It all depends on the motive of the one driving the pedestal of the business and whether he seeks to maximize profits or achieve a healthy balance between profits, people, and the planet. 

About his work and business, Jonathan says, “I always prioritize a people and planet approach in my businesses and I truly believe that we can change the world to a better place for more people and the planet through business. This is why I believe business can be used as a strong force for good in the world. This is why I believe the future of business is a hybrid between a traditional business and an NGO – which is people and planet centric business and both have to focus on profit and environmental and social impact.”

Jonathan acts on his people and planet-centric approach to business by heading a luxury global fashion brand,1 People, that has its roots in sustainability and slow fashion. Also, he is the owner of Impact Business Investment Group, which funds and empowers social entrepreneurs. Furthermore, he is heading the Business for Planet program that aims to create a faster impact by schooling and mentoring more individuals on the skills and benefits of social entrepreneurship. 

Jonathan urges successful business people of today to look within themselves and realize what mighty change could occur with their efforts. Global leaders from all industries must forge a path to sustainability and fulfill the moral, social responsibility we owe to the planet and its people. 

If you are looking for some business inspiration, learn some expert tips and tricks about entrepreneurship, or wish to be part of a sustainable shopping experience, check out Jonathan’s safe space and be a part of his journey. 

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