Sheriff Ric Bradshaw Receives Award from the Palm Beach County Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received the “Shining Star Reception 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Puerto Rican/ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for Palm Beach County.

This award is given to recognize and show appreciation to the leaders of the community. “Sheriff Bradshaw has been a team leader, he’s been a leader in the county for many years. He’s about caring for the whole community and that’s what we look for,” said Juan Pagan, President of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

The chamber chose to honor Sheriff Bradshaw for his many achievements throughout his career and for his outstanding leadership, vision, commitment and contributions to the Palm Beach County Hispanic community.

Bradshaw and his agency have worked very hard to ensure the safety of the community, including the Hispanic and Puerto Rican residents. Following recent ICE raids, Sheriff Bradshaw took the opportunity to communicate and connect with the community directly and ensured them that the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office was trustworthy and need not be feared. He explained that PBSO would not be raiding local homes or businesses.

Effective communication with the community is of high importance for the sheriff. During the anticipation of Hurricane Dorian, PBSO received many phone calls from the Hispanic community with concerns about safety at hurricane shelters.  Worried about ICE raids, members of the community were hesitant to go to community shelters.

Sheriff Bradshaw heard these concerns and went to media outlets to reassure Palm Beach County residents during the storm. “We’re not worried about if you’re here legally or not, we’re worried about saving your family,” said Sheriff Bradshaw. He later credited the members of law enforcement for being accessible in the community. Because of this accessibility, families felt confident to call and talk to the department about their concerns.

“I am particularly proud of this award because it represents the fact that we have this close connection with the Hispanic community,” stated Sheriff Bradshaw at the awards ceremony. “I try to be the best person I can to keep you and your family safe.”