Sit Kwong Lam – The Journey of a High-Profile Businessman

Starting a business is both thrilling and intimidating. There are many reasons to look forward with great pleasure and expectation, including the thrill of setting out on a new adventure, choosing a new direction, being independent and in charge, the potential to gain significant personal fortune and making a difference in the world. However, entering into the unknown, leaving your comfort zone, not having a reliable source of income, and the skepticism of others about choosing entrepreneurship as a professional path can all lead to worry and anxiety. How do you get ready for a journey like that?

Sit Kwong Lam serves as an outstanding example in this regard. High-profile businessman Sit Kwong was born in Jiepai Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province, in 1967. He has influenced every young person who wants to start a business. Sit was born in 1967 with the aspiration of taking over the economic world, and in 1992, he launched his own business, the famed Petroglory, in Shenzhen, making his goal a reality. It was a company devoted to the oil and gas industry. Exploration of oil and gas fields is Petroglory’s primary area of expertise. Additionally, the business offers development, oil storage, tanker shipping, global trade, and marine bonded oil supply.

Sit has been an integral part of the business community in China as he holds the position of the Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Moreover, he has been a member of the 10th,11th,12th, and 13th National Committees in China. Since 2004 Sit has been deemed an elite entrepreneur in China. The exciting businessman has been an essential member of the All-China Youth Federation and is managing to accomplish all his dreams through his ambitious ideas. 

Sit, a self-made billionaire, is regarded as one of China’s 500 wealthiest persons. Most people know of Sit’s success, but only a few know his tireless work to get to where he is now. The tenacious businessman has earned a philosophy doctorate from the esteemed Nanjing University. He has played a crucial role in China’s tremendous rise in the oil industry. The renowned businessman has continued to rise in the world of commerce despite several setbacks along the way, and he is currently planning to take his firm to the next level.

Sit has been able to pull off the seemingly impossible as he and his team work to expand each Petrology area by partnering with businesses like the Singaporean behemoth Marine Online (SG) Pte Ltd. Petrology has been recognized as a crucial component of China’s oil industry. It makes sense that they intend to diversify their empire by acquiring companies like Marine Online. Sit Kwong Lam considers these expansion ideas a stroke of genius. Sit will have spent 31 years working in the oil industry by 2022. No one is unaware of his accomplishments because he is well-known in the Chinese market. These choices reflect the wealth of knowledge he possesses in the oil industry.

It has been a 30-year rollercoaster for him and his business, who have experienced challenges but overcame them all in the most extraordinary way imaginable. There is no denying Sit Kwong Lam’s status as a legend in the Chinese corporate oil industry and his high regard among Chinese citizens.