SKORGE DA HOODLUM illuminates Philly street life on ‘Talk How I Talk’ powered by TIDAL

Skorge Da Hoodlum possesses a rare combination of panoramic vision and internal instinct. Since birth, Skorge Da Hoodlum’s purpose in life was clear, and his destiny path was born. Creating music is a small portion of the process for indie artists. Inspiring people with your words is a responsibility held by legends only. Music is the universal language of the world, and it contains a power that can inspire, heal, enrage, and unite people in a single moment.

The city of ‘Brotherly Love’ is not for the light-hearted, and only the strong survive. Being born in the belly of the beast, Skorge Da Hoodlum has endured every element of Philly street life, drug dealing infested corners, and gang-affiliated crime zones.

His music reflects the soul of Philadelphia and the heart condition of young hustlers looking for a way out of the hood. His latest visual ‘Talk How I Talk’ is a gift to the streets of Philadelphia. Skorge Da Hoodlum released ‘Talk How I Talk’ on TIDAL. Skorge Da Hoodlum music career is decorated with critical acclaim, hood love, and great expectations. Skorge Da Hoodlum is a Global Advocate for RADIOPUSHERS and CEO of T4YENT.

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