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Smart Work Equals Success: Jackson Yew’s Captivating Career in Funnel Building

Jackson Yew is a young marketing entrepreneur that has gained publicity lately for the success that he has created for his marketing agency. He is a strong believer that without the necessary design, even the best products will fail. He started creating and selling websites only a decade ago to customers throughout the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. He was very successful at creating very pretty websites, but he had no focus on the marketing side of a website. He soon realized that unless he created websites that would increase sales for his customers, that they would not be able to come back for his services. 

He took a break from the way that he conducted business at the time and decided to study the psychology behind marketing and what it is that makes people buy something. After spending lots of time studying, he took his findings and started implementing them into the landing pages that he was creating in order to make a page that would attract consumers and keep them there long enough to create a sale. 

After a decade of perfecting his new plan of action, he is now the co-founder of the marketing agency, Funnel Duo Media. This marketing agency sits down with each of their clients in order to create the best possible blueprints for a sales funnel that combines the most cutting edge design and marketing. Jackson used the tactics that he learned through trial and error on his own digital product business and he managed to set it up so that they essentially sell themselves. 

He works with clients from every industry whether it be a personal trainer, dentist, or life coach, he has handled it all and his track record is there to back it up. His website showcases all the different clients that he has helped and all the testimonials to back up his unmatched work. 

Jackson’s work is not the type of work that you would receive from your usual sales funnel consultant. He has spent many years perfecting how he designs landing pages and he spends lots of time creating them. His work is meticulous since every color and every panel is put there to convince each visitor to purchase the item for sale. 

Jackson knows that people are more attracted and inclined to trust pretty images over bland text which is why he utilizes every possible tool to create a truly interactive website. Each client has to go through a thorough application process in order to guarantee that Jackson and his team are able to help as best as possible. Jackson is a firm believer that if his clients are not succeeding as much as possible, then he is failing. 

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