Storage West is Revolutionizing Storage Services – Dominating the Industry in Most In-Demand Cities

The fact that more than $5 billion was spent on construction of storage facilities in 2018, as per U.S. Census Bureau data on private construction spending, clearly indicates the high demand for this facility. Despite the fact that Generation Why, dominating the world’s population at present, is most likely to avoid the use of storage facilities, the demand continues to rise.

The industry of self-storage has been flourishing since the very beginning due to its ever-increasing demand. Even today, this industry is under continuous evolution, welcoming innovations and new solutions every day.

While the demand across the entire country is rapidly increasing, the highest is in cities, including Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Brooklyn, and Miami. Storage West, a self-storage facility that has been providing storage facilities for more than 40 years, is revolutionizing the industry in three of these most in-demand cities for self-storage units, including Houston, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

Addressing the Ever-Increasing Demand

Storage West, previously known as A1 Storage, unlike other companies, is more than just a typical ‘storage’ service. The company that came into existence in 1978 focuses on providing a comprehensive solution to home movers, business owners, and families across Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas.

The demand for storage facilities is increasing, and Storage West provides a service that minimizes the storage stress by offering a free-moving truck service, packaging, and boxes service, along with the availability of different storage unit sizes.

With 59 locations across the Western United States, it ensures that every renter gets a unit that suits their needs. Moreover, each of these units is fully secure and offers a facility to accept packages and deliveries.

These storage units are available from the size of a one-bedroom apartment to a size that can store R.V., boats, and vehicles.

A Low-Cost Service Upgrade

Storage West is helping people in many ways; it even allows business owners to establish their setups in this unit. Not only this, but renters are using the facility in a variety of different ways. One example is that of Kyler Nipper, who started a non-profit charity after being stabbed with a pencil by his classmate. He started his shoe-donation and used Storage West’s facility to do it.

The company is trying to add convenience in the lives of the renters and has designed a feature of “Here for You Guarantee.” It is a low-cost service upgrade that includes a discount plan for the renters. Reducing the cost of merchandising, additional services such as free faxing, scanning, and Double Miles use of our move-in truck, are the features the renters can use when they choose this facility.

Adding Convince During a Global Pandemic

Another way through which Storage West is revolutionizing the self-storage industry in Houston, Las Vegas, and Phoenix is by making use of technology in their services. The Glass Door service is a convenience that is being appreciated a lot during this global pandemic.

The Glass Door service allows renters to complete the process digitally. They do not have to visit the storage personally; they can choose the size and type of the unit and proceed using the storage facility’s website.

While there are hundreds of self-storage companies working in the Western U.S. region, Storage West is changing the game. The services it offers are not confined to ‘storage’ only. People can get a free mover truck for seven hours. Moreover, they also sell boxes. Renters do not have to stress about buying boxes from a third-party or even hire a moving truck, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

Starting from just three locations, this company has expanded to 59 locations over the past 28 years. While being a part of the Chamber of Commerce of areas including Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Henderson, Las Vegas, Lake Forest, Greater Tomball, Redlands, Storage West offers convenience in the form of its services.