Struggling Renters Breathe Sigh of Relief as Biden Extends Moratorium

As the Delta variant threatens to force states and cities back into lockdown, the Biden administration has extended the eviction moratorium put into place last year. The 8.8 million renters behind their rent because of the pandemic are breathing a little easier now.

The following are some things to keep in mind concerning this moratorium:

Stress Goes Down

The moratorium expired a few days before the extension. In those few days, some people were evicted, but a significant number of renters were helped with quick action. Sadly, many landlords had to evict tenants because they felt they had no choice in the matter. The good thing is that stress has subsided a bit for some renters. This allows them to think more clearly and focus on the financial issues they’re dealing with a little better. Of course, everything hasn’t been completely solved, but this extension is something renters need right now, even if it’s only temporary relief.

Figuring Out Solutions

When the moratorium expired, many people had no options. The extension gave folks the space they need to find a solution. The moratorium extension is helpful, but renters understand that it’s just a temporary fix to a much bigger problem that still needs to be addressed. The moratorium delays rent and mortgage payments, creating a backlog of rent and mortgage payments owed. When the moratorium ends again, all of that will be due, which is why many renters want to start paying as soon as possible. Many renters are wondering can you put rent on a credit card, and if so, is it a good idea? Generally speaking, it’s probably not the best option available, even if it’s feasible. If you’re not working, putting everything on credit can cause you to drown in debt. Some are getting loans from a friend or family members. It may not be the best solution, but it’s a way to get on your feet.

Time to Prepare

While it may seem like the problems renters are dealing with are easily understood, the problem is more complex than people might imagine. Landlords are fighting this ban, which makes sense. Some landlords are pressuring local politicians to lift the ban so that they can sign new leases, get new tenants, and collect rent again. These folks have a point. In essence, they’re housing people without getting paid, which is why some seek to fight the moratorium legally. Renters facing these landlords have time to prepare, organize, and maybe talk to lawyers themselves to protect their right to stay in their homes. They also have time to figure out other living arrangements if they decide to take that route.

Obtaining Government Assistance

Congress has offered various solutions to renters, but the problem is that the assistance available isn’t always easy to obtain. Assistance for the unemployed is there, but getting approved takes time. Another potential solution is the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, but this takes some time to apply. Still, it’s one possible solution worth considering if there are no other options. The moratorium extension has given renters a chance to seek solutions the government has created for them. Folks have more time to get the help they need.

Continuing the Talk

When one constantly worries about whether they’ll have a roof over their head or not, that’s all they think about. The moratorium extension has given folks a chance to start thinking about how to solve this problem more permanently. Renters can now organize and call their local representatives to see if anything could be done to address the rent issue a little more effectively. Hopefully, the moratorium extension is long enough to give renters a fighting chance.

Renters are figuring things out somehow because they don’t want to be homeless. The people of this country will prevail as they overcome these obstacles. At least, they have more time now to get over this financial hurdle.