Supermodel Rudy Bundini : America’s Labor Day Mascot

Supermodel Rudy Bundini showed us his patriotism and support of the community for this year’s Labor Day 2019.

We couldn’t help but to notice Rudy Bundini’s appearance in DNA magazine for their Labor Day publication release.

The American supermodel surely made the magazine a pleasure to read considering his hunky masculine look and bulging muscles. His killer physique can be seen here posing with the American flag; two very magnificent things in one image!

In addition to his good looks Bundini also shows his kind hearted compassion by being an organ donor as well as, as we see on Facebook, donating his birthday to benefit the fundraiser “Hope for Depression Research Foundation,” which has collected over $500. He wishes to impact others in any and every way he can, big or small. He humbly states, “My life mission is to leave an optimistic imprint on as many people as possible to create a positive ripple effect long after I’m gone.”