Surf School, Hokali, Facilitates Surfing Lovers to Participate in Guided Surf Training

Surfers often face difficulty to find reliable and guided surf training to learn surfing at their own pace. In a bid to contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems and give a suitable platform to learn surfing safely, two Argentines have founded Hokali.

Argentines namely, Ignacio Viau and Tomás Bisi, have established Hokali to give personalized surf training to surf enthusiasts. The surf school serves as a connection point where experienced surf teachers and surf learners can meet comfortably.

The foundation of Hokali has a motive of protecting & preserving marine life by funding for this cause. For every surf lesson through its website, Hokali contributes money to safeguard seas & beaches. It has also run a forestation program in California by tie-ing up with many non-profit organizations.

Hokali gives its priority to the safety of people and hence it hires experienced & skilled surf coaches with a strong interest in surfing. Only surf teachers with at least 10 years of surfing experience and a certification in first aid & CPR can join the surfing school, Hokali.

As per his skill level and capability, a surf student can join out of a variety of surf lessons from basic to advanced level. Hokali surf school is receiving a positive response from surf enthusiasts since its establishment.

Hokali has enhanced the security of surfers by offering insurance to surf students. Surf coaches with a willingness to contribute to the conservation of marine ecosystems can associate themselves with Hokali. The surf school enjoys positive customer reviews and it facilitates excellent customer service to its clients.