Teen Actor Sammy Voit Catered Own Party for 200, Donating Catering Money to Homelessness

Sammy Voit, a 15-year-old actor American actor has made his name in the entertainment world with his great success in Hollywood. However, it is not just his exceptional acting skills with which he has gained popularity, but his ability to give a voice to homeless individuals. This has resulted in Voit becoming a teen icon and role model for other youth.  

It is hard to imagine the exceptional work Sammy Voit is doing to empower homeless individuals; all within his teenage years. Sammy Voit has a different mindset and a strong vision. He believes that teenagers can be the drivers of social and sustainable change.  

He is using his powerful acting skills and his comfort in front of the camera to build a strong support network for homeless individuals. Sammy Voit has interviewed over 100 individuals out of which around 50% are homeless.  This has built the basis for his documentary called “The Bus Stop”. Voit started the work for this documentary in 2017 and is slated for release in 2021.  Sammy Voit also takes part in charity work and he has catered his own party for 200 to donate catering money to homeless people.

Born in Bronx, New York in 2005, Sammy Voit entered the acting world at the mere age of 10. It was his strong passion for cooking that has made him appear in cooking based shows namely Masterchef Junior, Chopped Junior, and Food Network Star Kids.

For his exceptional performances, Voit has received a number of nominations and wins. In the film, To Dust, the teen actor got recognized for his powerful role which won the Grand Jury Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival.  Voit also gained notoriety for his great performance in Nannyhood, which was nominated for Best Screenplay at the Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles in 2019.

Currently, Sammy Voit is playing the role of young Kevin Jonas in the film Happiness Continues. The teen actor has set a great example for every youngster by creating the right balance between his screen career and life.  This is one teen actor to keep your eye on.