The Art and Science Behind Getting That Perfect Cut By Vicblends

Getting that perfect haircut is powerful and runs a long way to maintaining your self-confidence and emotional stability. Behind that perfect look is a combination of several skills, both artistic and scientific. Hairs have different textures and colour, same case with the skin tone. To get that perfect hair cut, therefore entails several factors. Getting a professional barber can turn bad hair to become the best one ever. It is advisable, therefore for one to take time and perform due diligence before settling down with one. 

Who is Victor Fontanez?

Victor is an entrepreneur and a professional barber. His origin roots back to a small town called Fayetteville in North Carolina. He is the CEO and founder of VicBlends Online Barber Academy. An academy that teaches thousands of subscribers monthly on the methodology to cut hair and become an expert barber. Besides the academy, VicBlends also founded and owns a hair product and clothesline companies. His achievement has led him to become one of the famous influencers to receive an endorsement deal with the health and beauty conglomerate Conair. 

His portfolio comprises the vast most sought after hip-hop celebrities. Part of his cosmetology clients includes basketball stars D’Angelo Russell, Trae Young, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team and Dennis Smith Jr as well as hip hop stars Lil Baby, Nelly and NLE Choppa.

The hair guru Victor Fontanez shares some insights which can guide you to make a decisive decision before actually getting that haircut. A move that will shield you from being frustrated by bad haircuts. 

Have Knowledge About the Shape of Your Face

Different individuals possess different facial configurations. Most notable are square, oval, round, or heart-shaped ones. Based on the shapes, the barber will be able to advise on the type of haircut that will suit you. To configure the look always check your jawline alignment, an artistic approach most barbers use to determine a suitable cut.

The Hair Texture

There are different hair textures different customers will possess. Some will have coarse, thin, soft, curly or fine hair texture which means that they will be subjected to completely different treatment when handled. 

It is therefore of paramount to work a barber who has all the knowledge and skills of handling different hairs at the same time giving awesome haircut results. 

Hair Products to Maintain Healthy Hair Growth

There are several factors to consider before settling down to what hair products to use. Based on the skin sensitivity, hair texture and tone, different applications may be incorporated. You may find other clients being recommended to use less sensitive products while others are advised on the use of high-quality products. To maintain healthy hair growth ensure that you sufficiently feed your hair with the best products that will not only strengthen your scalp but as well give your hair body that will be vital to avoid being bald.

All the above factors play a vital role to ensure that you get the perfect treat that will lift your self-esteem and strengthen self-confidence. You are wonderfully and beautifully made, and you have to enhance your beautiful appearance by working with the right professionals like Victor Fontanez.