The Awesome Twosome – Jyotsna Reddy and Santhoshi Reddy from Twenty Beauty.

When the entire world is turning towards the e-commerce side for purchase of various things necessary  for  their  living,  including  beauty  and  cosmetic  products,  of  course,  there  is  a paradigm shift in the trend. The brand new entrant in the overly crowded beauty industry has sworn to turn the sector upside down. When most of the beauty brands are going online for the sale of their products owing to the prevailing pandemic, Twenty Beauty has decided to go all physical again – but in a different sense. They have decided to launch and set up 1000 vending  machines  across  different  areas  in  the  country  to  enable  physical  trading  of  the merchandise. Isn’t it interesting? Let’s know the story behind the innovative idea!

At the time when even the bare necessities are being purchased online, who would have imagined that the trends will shift? We have only seen cold drinks and chocolates coming out of a vending machine, even in our weirdest dreams, we wouldn’t have imagined a bar of compact or a pack of lipstick coming out of a vending machine!

“Twenty Beauty”, an innovator makeup brand launched by super-sisters, Jyotsna Reddy and Santhoshi Reddy is all set to revolutionize the beauty industry with their innovative futuristic ideas. While Jyotsna is an avid beauty products collector who has now turned entrepreneur, dreams to give birth to a Gen Z make-up brand. The main aim is to design products to suit every  skin type and tone  – an  all-inclusive beauty brand!  Jyotsna  Reddy had the dream  to create a product that  would prove to  be 100%  skin-friendly,  giving a perfect makeup look, aiming at making every girl feel comfortable in her skin. She is a qualified chemist who takes keen  interest  and  necessary  steps  to  ensure  that  only  the  right  formula  of  tints and  active ingredients are included in their beauty products and that these products are capable to create wonders on various skin tones and dynamics. She has gone to such great lengths that he has invested her four years looking for the right ingredients from all around the world, that would enrich  the  skin  and  beauty,  and  has  ensured  that  their  products  meet  the  yardsticks  of international beauty brands.

Her  sister  Santhoshi  Reddy  is  a  beauty  specialist  turned  entrepreneur.  Both  Jyotsna  and Santhoshi have joined hands and co-founded Twenty Beauty with an exclusive vision in mind. Santhoshi, the co-founder of Twenty Beauty, is an avid beauty enthusiast. She loves beauty products and cosmetics to the extent that she got the idea of entering into this business. Her pledge and devotion to the business can be understood by the statistic that she owns a vanity room that is 2,150 square feet large, that rooms numerous beauty brands and their makeup products. These products are as simple as something that would be available at a chemist’s store, to a premium product that can only be imported from abroad!

The Reddy duo reflects makeup as not the enhancement of beauty, but also the way to enhance the confidence of a woman and augment the spirit of womanhood.