The Climb To Kilimanjaro Is Worth Taking To Experience Beautiful Scenic World

The highest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro is 5,895 metres tall. It is part of the achievable bucket list option for many hikers. Though it is achievable it definitely is not easy. There are many factors that make the climb a difficult one. Once the summit is reached, many have returned home with their lives changed forever.

Every year more than 20,000 people climb the iconic mountain through one or the other Kilimanjaro tours and operators. It is a special experience for these people who consider Kilimanjaro, their Everest. It is a different experience from many other mountain hikes as Kilimanjaro provides varying environments at different levels.

While walking on the top of the famous mountain one experiences 5 major environments. At the bottom is the tropical rain-forest layer. The locals live here. They grow bananas and coffee. As one climbs further one reaches the cloud forest. Where one can hear the wildlife more than see it. There are different types of birds, monkeys and deer who all are too shy to come mid way of a hiker.

Alpine heath landscape stretches itself before you once you move ahead from the cloud forest. Here the plant life is scrubby. Rocky, lunar type landscape, with few plants gazes at you. At over 5000 metres, you meet the snow and ice with glaciers.

The beautiful scenery combined with great food, plenty of cultural experiences and the chance to meet so many new people from different parts of the world, makes the climb worthwhile. There are distinct ecosystems one can walk through everyday when climbing the mountain. That is the beauty of the climb to the mesmerizing Kilimanjaro.

People are climbing the mountain due to many reasons today. For spiritual awakening, to complete their bucket list, or experience beauty in different forms, some are doing it to raise money for charity and some are even doing it to run away from their routine life. Everyday a new world is opened for the hiker. Hikers return with plenty of memories and experiences. It is a challenging climb but not too difficult and very giving in every way.