The Ecstasy of Carnal Pursuits

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word Nutrient is a substance that provides nourishment essential for maintaining life and growth. Speaking from amateur observation, Nutrient, Nutrition, and Nourishment form a closed triangle with loose claims of ownership by the holy fraternity of science.

The two words, Nutrition and Nourishment, sound like they are two sides of the same coin, or perhaps they are unidentical twin sisters who belong to the same family but cannot be confused because their roles are not interchangeable. They, however, have the same feel to them because their genetic composition is the same. 

It is believed that nutrition is a subject that has its roots planted in science. Nourishment has the potential to be a word of varying applications. It is criminal to the abstract and artistic ring of the word nourishment to have it mainly associated with science.  

As fascinating and revealing science could be in the findings, it churns out that the gratifying tingle upon sighting the opposite sex reveals their skin holds its mysterious power. It happens even after the chemical action behind that attraction has been laid bare by science. What humans through all generations have desired is to lay bare.     

The body does not only need nourishment in food and water. Needs for carnal nourishment are degrees more complex, and they need to be explored, by all genders, in the secret ways that temporarily transport them to nirvana. To this, it is safe to say that a life with unfulfilled fantasies is a sad life. 

As the late Robin Williams said in his highly acclaimed movie, “The Dead Poets Society, ‘Medicine, Law, Business, Engineering,” these are noble pursuits necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love… these are worth to live  for.’ 

Women have long been objectified. Since the dawn of life, women have been made to believe that playing second fiddle to their male overlords is the life that is divinely assigned to them. In the media and movies, in subtle and overt ways in our daily lives, and deep in the complex neural pathways that give form and function to our brains, they have been viewed as pleasure centers made to trade their natural aesthetic comfort to nourish men. But who is there to nourish women and to satiate the rage of their desire? Indeed desirability is no guarantee of reciprocity. 

The idea that women could take charge and decide what they wanted has intimidated men and women alike. The submissiveness of a woman has been adored to the point of madness. The idea of submissiveness in any intimate exchange should have been that of mutual joy. Instead, it morphed into fodder that fuels the male fantasy board, with little in it for women. 

Conforming to the stereotypical image of a weak damsel in distress made to serve her partner with servitude is not for all women. Even those who willingly choose to adhere to that image have streaks of sexual wilderness in them that should not be allowed to take a back seat. Because allowing that to happen is allowing the heavenly womanly spirit to be deprived of essential nourishment. 

There is a tremendous feeling of liberation in being able to get experiences. If women do not have a sexual urge that needs to be satiated, they should quench their curiosity. In the 1980s, America was going through profound change, and conventions of the 50s, 60s, and 70s were being ripped to shreds. Oldies believed that morals were growing looser, but behind the shift was the belief and understanding that morals are personal in the first place, and they need to be revisited. 

Male Adult Revue is a Boston-based adult entertainment company. The idea to provide women with a haven for the unhindered pursual of sensuous freedom was an instant success. A gush of fresh air for women feeling the suffocation from the male ego was bound to succeed. 

The founders of Male Encounter Revue sprung up to rescue women who did not feel the vibrance of life. Breaking gender stereotypes is not a 21st-century movement because opening a Male Strip Club in the conservative environment of the 80s is a power move by all measures. The male strip club environment gave women the satisfaction that their unfulfilled sex life had kept from them and the rebellious joy of seeing the traditional gender role reversed. Men were excitingly objectified, and men were hired to serve women. It became an outlet for women to settle old scores and kill animosities borne out of the constant disappointment accumulating over generations.  

The Male Adult Revue is in operation for spreading happiness to the alienated womankind. Male Adult Revue is the friend that all women need. Sexuality is like water, and like water, it will find ways to come out. Like only the diamond that can cut another diamond, the chokehold of sexual frustration cannot be suppressed under repressive beliefs or workout regimes. It needs to be catered sexually, and Male Adult Revue is on top of the game. 

With their fit and exotic male dancers, the clubs are a source of moisture for barren hearts and souls. The men are not hired off the street; instead, they are specially trained to excel in the art of satisfying women who feel their lives might have gotten off the rails. Expression is the lifeblood of health. Women are naturally bound to enjoy the company of men who have channeled the entire vivacity of their manhood to their service. 

A well-built man is to a woman; a voluptuous female presence is to a man. To have the sight of a man, strong and young enough to ride a bull, living for servility to an absolute goddess of an X-chromosome is an atmosphere designed to weaken women from their core and melt their deeply internalized uncomfortable emotions. The Male Adult Revue opened up layers of wilderness in the total safety of a walled place and gave women complete ownership over the male anatomy.

Male Adult Revue turned the entire social setup on its head. In doing so, the company reset a core belief – that before women are to be understood as women, they need to be known as humans sharing many of the same fleshy instincts and desires as men. 

The success of Male Adult Revue’s service model underlines that women do not need to be suppressed, for a woman’s revenge is not served cold. It is served in the sweltering hot place of sexual gratification fused with the roaring satisfaction of toying with visually appealing men.