The Gronkowski’s Are Teaming-Up With Navy SEALS To Help You Achieve Your Max!

Chris Gronkowski, a former NFL player (brother of Rob Gronkowski) and the inventor of the Ice Shaker has now teamed-up with a retired United States Navy SEAL, Sean Matson, and his company CardoMax!

The new partnership brings together the Ice Shaker and Matson’s liquid-based single serve supplements where every person who buys an Ice Shaker gets free packets of CardoMax before the end of this month.

Matson tells us, “Knowing that not only is Chris a person that loves to support military and veterans, but also that Ice Shaker is a high quality product, we knew they were a perfect partner. Their bottles keep our amazing CardoMax flavors colder for longer, allowing customers to enjoy their workouts.”

Since 2016, The Ice Shaker has turned itself into the top protein shaker bottle in the industry, with countless athletes jumping on-board. And while the company/products have seen a lot of success in the marketplace, Gronkowski has always made sure to give-back to service-members, military veterans and first responders.

Launched earlier this year, CardoMax was designed to enhance concentration and neuroprotection in the most efficient, convenient way. The product’s diverse and wide range of liquid supplements provide scientifically proven nutrients to support the optimization of a strong mind and body, enabling those who use it to “achieve their max”.

The new partnership promotion ends at the end of March, however, both parties tell us that a long-lasting relationship with additional promotions are soon to come!