The Hidden Gem Behind Flawless Diamonds: The Story of Nicholas Flathau

Success doesn’t come easy to most of us in life. However, when perseverance does make success knock on your door, all you need to do is learn how to preserve it. That is exactly what Nicholas Flathau has done over the last ten years to reach where he is today. The young entrepreneur was under pressure from a young age as he started living on his own when he was just seventeen. This pressure kept him going for a long time, and finally, like your everyday carbon, the man, under immense pressure turned into a gem of a person himself. Owning Flawless Diamonds Co. blessed Nicholas with enough expertise in the jewelry making and marketing domain, and eventually began his entrepreneurial rise.

Nicholas Flathau’s story with Flawless Diamonds is a very interesting one. Early in his life, Nicholas didn’t have a lot planned and decided to get his degree and be an anesthesiologist. Soon enough, the young varsity football star inside the man rose again and his entrepreneurial spirit flared to life. He started his entrepreneurial career by opening an AT&T company but soon decided to switch directions in life. The young boy, adept at the craftsmanship, looked into the specifics of crafting jewelry as a hobby. His skills were undoubtedly great and this was ascertained by a friend who called him to show interest in buying his fine specimens of craftsmanship. Right then, Nicholas knew that he could build on this and create a jewelry brand of his own.

Today, Flawless Diamonds Co. is a renowned name in the States and is growing every day. Based in Chicagoland, the company deals with global customers and extends its services to as many jewelry lovers as possible. The rise was meteoric and Nicholas went ahead to earn a million in just a year, and at the young age of 26, Nicholas Flathau was a renowned millionaire. 

The reason Flawless Diamonds shines so bright in American eyes is that the company understands the needs of its customers. Today, Flawless Diamonds brings the best custom made jewelry to its clients by entirely cutting out the middleman. By doing this, Nicholas and his team can offer competitive rates for clients, and these are comparatively better than the ones offered by the company’s competitors.

Nicholas’s handcrafting journey took a major turn when he met a gentleman in Texas in 2019, where he learned a lot about the art of jewelry making. Today, that gentleman is Nicholas’s mentor and this promises Flawless Diamonds Co. a bright future.

In addition to exceptional quality and high-grade work, Flawless Diamonds Co. has also used the social media game to its benefit. With his immense social media knowledge and a one in a million company behind him, Nicholas has generated not just money, but love and support for his brand. Flawless Diamonds Co. is straight forward with its clients and maintains a respectful and professional relationship with them admirable transparency. The company keeps getting better every day, especially after having established a source of manufacturing very close to its HQ. Today, Nicholas guides Flawless Diamonds and two more companies to unprecedented success by striving and working hard every day.